SADIRA LACK always something crucial. @DEVs

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Its obvious that yall don’t want to buff 6% or 10% the shadow recluse or the web .

Can we have a RECAPTURE and a AIR ENDER please ? @TempusChaoti

BY using a reverse light kick recluse in the air, it should be easy to implement for your team, since the move almost exist, just make it reverse and able to be used in the air, this goin to help alot for cashout with basics ender after juggles ( just like do cinder rash etc…)

The damages wasn’t really the big problem.

It was the cash out after juggles ( cause we dont have recapture in the air like all these characters (cinder,tj combo, hisako, riptor,Rash and orchid) tho IMO its should be something highly awaited for sadira .

By the fact

( when she dont have shadow meter to cashout juggles, she could simplely make a recapture to finish the opponent properly on the ground) with basics enders like do cinder and RASH

At last add a air ender to make it proper @TempusChaoti @CStyles45 @TheKeits @rukizzel @admins :neutral_face:

OR make the Heavy widows bite act like a light air ender

when performed into a juggle (only into juggles, since we cannot follow after this in the air,but still wil be able to lightly cashout theses juggles. and its breakable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
and counterbreakable too :smirk:!

Also, first of all thank you for these adds to sadira .

I just hope, all these goin to help to make correct damages.

Given that her new trait is meant to launch people in the air I think a recapture is the exact opposite of what the devs intend for her. She’s supposed to open you up, launch you, juggle you, flip you out or go for a hard knockdown, mix you up, one chance, cash out.

Man, they gave one of the better mix up character(top 3 IMO) a flipout.

You are going to get access to multiple resets, with multiple hits that start a combo,so they will deal increased damage, and if you don’t have meter, flipout into opener and cash it out!

On paper it’s total madness!!!

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OOOHH MY BEST FRIEND :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ;
seems like u know how im goin to eat you soonlol lol

im almost happy for my raam too . and glacius lol


i think the thinking behind Sadira’ being able to flip out is so that Sadira players can go from her juggles to her ground game.

Before you either juggled with sadira, or you did a ground combo, now you can do both. Though Im mostly a Shago player. This is what I as your opponent think about what you can do to me. You can deal damage more consistently instead of being guess-broken in the air all day.

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