Sadira into a sequel?

Anyone have thoughts about how to bring Sadira back? She hasn’t done much ever since been left by ARIA and later joined Gargos.

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Honestly, I have no clue who would get cut in a sequel. Because all the characters who aren’t “lore important” are big fan favorites.

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Actually, if you play as either Sadira or ARIA in Shadow Lords, there is a special story mission that directly addresses that plot point. I forget which fighter you’ll need to access it, (probably Sadira?), but in a nutshell, she’s hired back as a member of Ultratech, but with a much bigger paycheck. :spider::moneybag:

Fight on, and unlock the story for yourself!


I don’t know much about the lore, but she could simply be some kind of hired hand for the main antagonist.

They could make her convert to being good, ig that would be interesting

Do u see her connect with Jago?

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Tbh that could be a nice twist. Some kind of forbidden relationship that can either manipulate either one of them to do actions out of character.

Sadira is the Leader of an assassin organization. They could expand on the code or ethics(if any) of the Red Eyes of Rylai. Maybe they could team up with the Covenant or something.

As for Sadira and Jago, I don’t think his sister would like the idea of her brother having cuddle time with the women that tried to kill both him and her.


only one way to know for sure.

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