Sadira/Hisako- where to see them next?

I’m the artist of the few Sadira and Hisako fan arts (them as a pair, remember?)
If you remember, i want to know, where would you like to see the illegitimate sisters go next? lol


Never drew Kim Wu in my life. but i like the challenge! maybe she can be with the 2 girls. they’ll all be illegitimate sisters lol. may take some time, but hopefully, i’ll be done with it soon


Yeah I remember I really liked your artwork from the old forum but I would love to see you’re take on Kim Wu.

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People actually liking my bad art makes me blush lol

Well it can’t be that bad if allot of people including me thought it was good :smirk:

Oh stoppit you
thank you though.
This gave me some newfound confidence. I’ll try and think of how i’m going to draw Kim Wum, Hisako, and Sadira together. After i finish a “draw your otp like this” challenge i started and neglected

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Oh I remember these I think, they were adorable! I’m not the most creative person, so I can’t help with suggestions, but I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Sadira, Hisako, and Kim Wu together. I like that very much already :smile:

haven’t gotten to it yet, but i she may my s2 sadira lol
fun fact: when she’s released and available, she’ll be the third asian woman in ki lol

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UPDATE: suffering for a little bit of artist’s block. so it’s gonna be a while. also decided to scrap the “draw your otp” challenge. just wasn’t feeling it anymore. Kim Wu is gonna take the most time since i’ll need to research some reference sources for her

Yeah I tried to draw Kim Wu the other day I scrapped it since the proportions were wrong anyway good luck on the drawing can’t wait to see it.


I havbe an application that can help with getting proportions down. It’s called Design Doll. you can download it for free (though you wont be able to upload other saved poses, but i usually recreate them). My obstacles are:

  1. She’s Chinese/Korean, so how would i make that look?
  2. Wasn’t she born in Korea, thus would have Korean Attire? Or should i find a mix between Chinese and Korean?
    It’s a little unnerving, but exciting to think about. since we don’t have her official look (yet), we’re allowed a lot of artistic freedom

Ok thanks yeah It’s pretty hard trying to show both her Chinese and Korean heritage I think I’ll stick to a more Chinese attire while trying to give her some Korean style accessories somehow.

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Huh, I don’t think I actually saw the art on the old forums. I have a feeling I’d really like to though, since Sadira and Hisako happen to be 2 of my favorite characters. Any chance you could re-upload them or point me to somewhere I could find them?

Sure thing, i’ll put them into another forum post

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