Sadira, Damage, and KV Metre

Hello all,

I’ve been toying with Sadira now in Training, as well as doing a run through of her Story Mode (only on Medium), and holy geez! The character reminds me sort of like a cross between Mileena and Kitana from Mortal Kombat XL. She has great movement on the ground I find, but also exceptional movement in the air as well as air dominance.

One thing I’ve noticed, is that her KV Metre seems to fill very fast and do excellent damage; the damage I’m getting out of her seems to be overall better, and happening much faster, than any other character I’ve tried. Am I correct that her KV Metre does not max out faster than any other character, and it’s likely just how I’m playing with her?

I’ve read Infil’s guide about her, of course, but are their anymore resources to learn about the character?

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Do you mean her KV meter or ender level? Ender level filling up fast is good because it means more ender damage when you complete the combo, the KV meter not so much because it means the combo will blow out sooner. As far as I know, neither of those are any different from other characters (higher-strength attacks in combos generally = less KV build and more ender damage).


Ah, I think I used the wrong terminology. I meant the Ender Level, I believe. The four “pips” that allow you to do more damage.

So if all characters fill at the same general rate (which I figured), then I guess that means I’m doing things a bit better with her since it seems to be going faster/allowing me to cash out more.

For a Sadira guide, I know there’s this one recommended from Infil’s guide, but it mentions it’s for Season 2. Is it still relevant/accurate, as I recall reading that Sadira was changed (i.e. nerfed) in Season 3.

Some characters build ender levels a bit differently than the norm, but Sadira isn’t particularly one of them. Her grounded combos can build fairly fast on par with most other characters.

I believe that guide is still mostly valid within what it covers. Sadira’s big nerfs in S3 were the damage she got off her existing enders and her most commonly-used aerial openers, as well as her web damage in Instinct. However her juggle options were expanded too in S3, and later on she got buffs that gave her a bunch of new tech and made her web cling ender worth using. No hitbox changes I can recall either besides a buff to her Forward+HK. (Infil’s guide has a section covering every patch for the game so check that out if you’re interested.)