Sadira, cant get credit for episodes 1 or 2, HELP!

The first time I played Sadira’s story mode (season 1) I did so on “Beginner” but instead of unlocking her first ending it unlocked her 3rd, now no matter what I do I can’t unlock endings 1 or 2, I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried the requirements for endings 1 and 2 but no matter what it always plays 3 and I’m about ready to pull my hair out and start throwing crap, It’s getting on my last nerve, considering 2 seasons have been developed since season 1 came out you’d think major bugs would have been addressed long ago, is there anything at all that i can do? any glitches or tricks? I’m a perfectionist with my games and not being able to do something as simple as properly complete story mode really gets under my skin because i cant complete the freaking mural, I’m at my wits end and I need help.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

Thank you, this is indeed most helpful, but I seem to have hit a snag…I have the Season 3 Ultra Edition, which means i get 2x points, I was at 1,830 and I still had 2 rounds left, how am i suposed to get this achievement with a permanent XP Booster? Could a Dev help or something? cause that seems impossible with this booster. it’s not fair, completing the dam story on any of them should unlock Ending 1.

Disconnect your Xbox off the internet and your 2x xp will disappear until you reconnect it.

omg, thank you very much, i will give that a try tonight…

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH. it worked, i appreciate that so much.

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No problem, whenever my internet goes out and I try to level up my characters up my 2x xp is gone so I guess thank random ■■■■■■ connection lol.