Sadira can still activate instinct after combo breaker?

So I have no vide because well I don’t know how to record matches on the Xbox or however you do it. But I was fighting a sadira and was combining her in the are she broke and immediately popped instinct and did widows bite. I went into train mode she can. Unless I’m missing something I thought the was taken out in season 3.

I’m no Sadira expert, maybe these guys can help?

@Infilament, @STORM179, @DarkLrdChuckles


I know that, while playing as Aganos, I can activate instinct just before my opponent hits the ground from the break which gives me an immediate advantage at range with the peacemaker, but even that isn’t immediate. I, for 1, would like to see this for myself…

Some time later…

Confirmed! She can do it! :frowning:

With that said, because her opponent immediately spins out, she gets no immediate advantage outside of positioning. She still has to wait for her prey to stand up, just like everyone else.

Didn’t they patch that out?