Sadira, A Year in Review

With the advent of Season 3, Sadira was hit fairly hard. At one point in this game, she was the worse character in KI. Her general lack of damage, number of bad MUs, and high learning curve caused many a player to drop her like a rock for better characters.

This was a pretty dark time to be a Sadira main. While later changes would give her options like jump cancelling off of LK as well as flip out, there still felt like there was little reward to doing high tech mixups and such.

Then came 3.9…

This was really what Sadira needed. With additional Ender damage plus web damage, she is once again a force to reckon with. Matches that used to seemingly take forever to win, now get ended in a timely manner, and this is important.

Yeah, she still has issues with characters like Gargos and any character that can out zone her safely, but I still feel that this is the best version of Sadira as of yet.

Do other Sadira fans feel the same?

Having said that, there is still some wackiness that I would love to see addressed such as webs randomly not opening, she randomly not auto correcting to face an opponent after a flip out cross up.

They aren’t game breakers, but they are annoying the same.

On a funny note, I’ve found a new glitch that occurred after the last patch. During Instinct if Sadira uses a jump cancelled a Heavy Punch or Kick as an opener, it will jc manauls just like S1. It is completely impractical, but funny the same.


Watchout friend theses changes are great but don’t really help her in her bad mu, since S2 cinder and most juggles characters in S3 you wil noticed that theses characters have it easy to juggles , the opponent float for free and you can spam whatever you want.
At a side im all happy too, since it make her more difficult to use than any other juggles characters @SoSRaGnArOk hey friend :blush: that mean we are limited edition to play sadira

She needs actually a half review of her juggles systems and a priority review on that Heavy recluse who normally act like a Invulnerable Upper body attack but dont always work as properly.

why not to make it like glacius heavy puddle punch fully invulnerable on startup it could be a defensive tools like manny juggles characters has “rash, cinder, gargos,” she really need something to help her on that side.

And a more faster heavy webclimb, this could help her in Her manny bad Mu Like gargos cinder and other fireballs spammer believe me.

Other than that shes actually playable, Thank you IG. :hugs:

what do you think about? @SoSRaGnArOk anyway i stay on M’Aria as main characters and sadira and glay as backup

She is still considered the worst in the game, although the only difference is that the margin is much smaller than it was at the start of the season. General damage is the same, bad matchups are still the same and other characters with similar archetypes getting more tools with less mixup potential but without the drawbacks with it.

Jump cancels gave quite a number of tools and approach that other character can’t do, such as hit-confirms into one chance break combos. Not only that but the option to perform a flipout also gave her the option not to, and to revert to sweep juggles or extended juggles with mp-hk or a counter break point. And yet a flipout was given to a character with one of the highest mix-up potential in the game which is a boon of itself. That may have been the justification for keeping her damage on the lower end.

Most of the damage buffs were meant to make those tools not self-limiting. It made no sense to do web combos or confirms when the damage scaling was following the second weakest attack in the game. (First is Kim Wu’s Lv.1 Firecracker Ender [1.0]) And web cling was only made stronger to make losing the oki more reasonable. Most don’t use Web Cling ender frequently to really taste the damage boost. Damage overall remained the same, if the same mix-ups were done, it would of only taken maybe 6 openings instead of 7 to finish a life bar.

Webs not opening may as well be a feature since they are made to deactivate when hit but also when Sadira is hit. If you go to the dojo and have instinct Gargos use only hp, sweep him and let him hit you on his wakeup. The result is the web won’t activate until Sadira gets taken out of combo state, then the web will hit Gargos. The auto correct issue is more of a hurtbox displacement issue and can’t really be fixed without major sweeping alterations.

That glitch has been around since the game started, but has altered since patches. It still has use though as it is great as a punish to blocked reversals. You can use it to get great damage with jc heavy attacks and it is considered breakable by the third hit, making it great for lock outs with medium and light attacks. With a lockout you can jc to S.Widows Edge or simply cancel any normal after the third hit into S.Recluse to cash out.

This “Glitch” can also be done on juggle opponents and can be great for maxing out damage in juggles, combo variance for lockouts or for some of the worst mix ups imaginable. (Meaty Widows Edge into cross-up or not with d-mk that beats Cinder’s Fireflash? Yes please.)

Sadira’s major change was the flipout patch, not the damage boost. Her toolset is sadly one that has remain on the lower end of things since a vortex character is never fun to fight against. (Akuma - SSFIV, Cammy - SSFIV) Sadira has never been a honest character, so having difficulties with certain matchups should be expected, but some of the change for better or for worse makes her a lot more interesting to both play as and fight against.

Sadira has some of the most variance in her juggles then most characters in the game. The only difficult with her is timing (which can be learned) and imagination. You would be surprised just how much of her tools can be used for juggles for different purposes. H.Recluse is meant for a high damage anti-air. It has 9 or so frames of startup but it works fine. You either have to improve your speed or use the light or medium recluse, the hitbox is the same and can be used to anti-air things even without the up-invulnerability. ( Light Recluse can be used to AA Gargos H.Reckoning)

None of the other characters have as strong of a vortex as Sadira. Not to mention a 9 frame large hitbox meaty meterless reversal which can be instinct cancel into a vortex sounds a little too much on a vortex character. It makes sense for H.Recluse to have such a weakness to avoid such things.

Gargos and Cinder are not bad matchups because of their projectiles. They are bad from their strong ability to anti-air and they can keep her grounded for extended periods. Fireball “spammers” are easy for Sadira to deal with already. Fast walkspeed, low profile with and, and her ability to double jump.She also has S.Blade Demon, a fantastic move to use.

Sadira only needs time in the lab to do work. Her weak defense options can be a boon for you has it forces you to practice more on blocking, a trait most players do not want to learn in KI.

I completely understand why normally a character might not get caught in her webs, but the situations I’m looking are like this…

You drop a web in front of you. Fulgore who is on the other side of the web, using F+HP to do his spinning heavy attack. He passes through the web. You block. He then grabs you all the while he is literally standing IN the web. It doesn’t open. You weren’t in blockstun as Fulgore hadn’t touched you yet, but the web still isn’t opening.

CDjr did a vid on this a while back, for whatever reason the web won’t open.

I guess as you mentioned, it has to do with hitboxes and such.

I’ve also seen this occur when using webs in combos, where the web won’t open, but that is rare.

Personally i think this is the most balanced and most importantly most fun shes ever been. I dont really struggle with any of her bad match ups anymore in fact i think ive been beating more gargos’ (gargeese?) And cinders than ever b4. Maybe i just know the match ups better and what to do but i really feel that extra damage ender n web damage made a world of a difference to her. Also I managed to get 2 pro stars with her since 3.9 and thats no easy task. Also i dont really believe theres a “worst character” in the game in KI. The balance is too good especially after 3.9. I feel the real “worst characters” are the people who play and cant except the fact that u cant win every match so they blame it on balance or a bad match up instead of putting in the work to better understand said MU and the way the player who beat you uses the character.


I agree. I also admit that my win rate has gone up dramatically since the new 3.9 update. Not that I lost a lot anyway, but I am finding it much easier to end matches. The damage is a big deal as well, especially during Instinct. Nothing more satisfying than to wipe an entire life bar due to one or two resets (and I can do many).

Valorex was online yesterday with Gargos and I beat his Gargos pretty convincingly… then again, it showed that he wasn’t really familiar with Gargos. As I was reset to Gold, he probably thought that I was a Sadira noob. :smiley:

Still no Pro Star for me though. :disappointed_relieved:

I’m currently sitting at a 75% win rate, so I could do it, but I literally just don’t have the time to put into it any more.

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yeah i tried playing her, and i can say i definitely moved on to other fighters lol

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…and in the most fickle double post ever i am back with using her. lol. ok ok, its cuz i busted her out and then my opponent screamed in anguish and salt, total breakdown and then it all came rushing back to me of her greatness lmao

Oh she can bring out the most salt in people. :smiley:

her damage is definitely back, i get alot of it from just single hits into small 1 chance breaks

It sure is! I can make a life bar evaporate like no tomorrow, especially during Instinct. Yeah it isn’t like S2, but her reset options are off the chart.

know any good resets? i just flip em out, and cross up or empty jump low L.k > combo after cross up