Sadira 80-90% combos

Ran across this on Youtube.
The Sadira player takes advantage of a bug which prevents enders from cashing out damage. From the looks of it though it requires all her resources and at least one heavy auto-double as well, so as long as you keep your resources and lockout your opponent, you get the 80-90% cashout.
This is tournament footage but you see the combo used at least 3 times in the first couple of matches.

Yes, saw this earlier.

If it’s a bug, it needs to be addressed pronto!

Totally a bug, seems to have to do with landing her web at the same time as an ender, but I’m not sure if that ender he did was breakable, usually if the ender doesn’t cash out it’s because the game thinks it’s opener ender. If it was breakable and the other guy didn’t break it because he thought it was a legit ender then there is nothing wrong with the tech. But if it’s unbreakable then yeah get rid of it.

The second that the commentator saw an ender NOT cash out damage, he should have stopped the tournament and forfeited that guy.

It’s not really a glitch… As much as it is an exploite. During a combo you can replace an auto and or a manual with a web. If however you do an Ender instead of connecting an auto or manual first, the Ender will not cash out as the web is treated as a projectile.

I have this happen every now and then when I accidentally fail to connect a normal attack before an Ender.

Why? If something is in the game at the time of a tournament, the tech is generally considered “part of the game” and fair to use. Infinites in games that shouldn’t have them, unblockables in games that don’t otherwise have them, infinite meter building tricks - all of these glitches have been seen and allowed in tournaments over the years. Heck, KI has had high damaging unbreakables in both of it’s EVO Top 8 showings.

It’s the job of the developers to make a game that’s balanced and works. It’s the job of the player to win.

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You’re absolutely right Storm!

Most of us will use exploits to win a match if we can get them to work, whether it’s Bastfree’s Demon Blade cancels to Cinder’s unbreakable high damage Ender.

Most of these techniques are VERY risky as it requires precision timing and all of your recources.

In short all Draman did was a Combo + Web reset Open/ Ender + reset and cash out.

It’s not unbreakable and quite escapible IF the alt player is on their toes.

Im pretty sure that there were no resets involved, the kv never resets throughout the whole combo. As well, there’s no proof that this registers as Opener/Ender either, so whether it’s breakable or not remains to be seen (my guess is that it is not breakable).

After the initial ender I noticed that nothing is breakable afterwards, the shadow recluse isn’t, followed by that air web move which isn’t breakable, followed by a cashout shadow recluse, again not breakable.

But yeah, no resets and my guess is the ender itself is not breakable.

Just tested it. Ender is breakable. Tech is now fine.

I disagree. It’s still broken. Say sadira has you locked out, and she’s able to exploit this and get 90% ? That’s broken.

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Sadira is inherently dirty isn’t she…:cry:

Don’t get locked out.

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Thanks I hadn’t thought of that… :smirk:

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To be honest though, Riptor can take 90% of your health with both of her meters and she doesn’t even have to do anything fancy. HOWEVER, it is incredibly risky as you have to do a long combo.

If Aganos puts up 4 walls, he can take all of your life.

That’s the point Infil is stating. To stop large damaging combos you have to break them, even IF they are fancy.

The fulgore main could have broken that combo in several places. This isn’t like some of her quirky unbreakable combos in S1.

At the end of the day if Thunder, Sadira, or Riptor does a long combo and uses all their resources to take away your life, it is up to you to break said combo.

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Just saying that if the ender really is breakable (I haven’t tried it but it should be, because non-cash out enders always are breakable even during weird glitches), and you know that Sadira is going to be fishing for it, then you can just not get locked out early to prevent her from doing it. Once you get locked out in KI, all bets are off, and I like that about the game. You need to spend your one break attempt wisely, or else you should probably die for it.

(The glitch should obviously be fixed, but I don’t think “she can do 80% when you’re locked out” is a good reason to think it’s broken.)

Fair enough, no qualms with that.

Albeit those are all there and intended to be there. They are combo’s that are considered in fair nature whether it be through hard work to put up the walls, many many heavies which are easy to break, or simply because the character is a hard hitter and kinda needs the damage based on the tools available.

Now whether or not these Sadira combos are fair or not is up for debate, I’m not saying it’s unfair I just don’t think it should be in the game. It’s a bug.

If the devs think Sadira needs damage that high, I completely leave it up to them and trust what they believe to be balanced.

That’s not the reason I think it’s broken. I may have misled by saying it how I did.

Instead I’ll say that it’s broken because it’s unintended, and Sadira as she is should not be getting 80-90% off of a lockout.

The damage is definitely a little on the high side (because it takes advantage of the level 4 ender damage being applied multiple times), but Sadira in instinct can definitely do 70+% during a lockout using regular means. It’s high damage, but it’s not THAT much higher than what she can normally do.

Agreed. I can regularly do 70 to 75% damage combos, but none of them are practical.

While it may not have been intended it’s not exactly unintended either.
Intended: Opener to ender won’t cash out.
Intended: Sadira’s web causes an opener ender to avoid unbreakable combos.
All this is really doing is combining those two things in a beneficial way.