Sadira 3.9

Okay Web Nation, our girl has finally received some much needed buffs. All in all, I think they are pretty fair. Her damage ender will now do a bit more damage of which is a good thing. She will also have a LOT more bite while in Instinct. This is going to make those webs count and make it vastly more important to use them within combos to boost her damage output.

Gone is the glitch tech that a few of us have been using, that would allow her to Jump Cancel the active frames of her autos and a few linkers. I’m sad to see them go, but then again, it was a glitch to begin with.

Will this change Sadira’s placing in the tier?

Only time will tell, as none of these buffs will really help her against her bad MUs. It WILL help her end a match a lot faster though.

What does everyone else think?


I think it’s great. It will be absolutely fun to see how it affects her.

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Tbh I never thought she needed a buff. In the hands of a competent player who even uses her footsies she can really be a hassle. The damage ender is a nice touch and I understand why they gave it to her, but I wonder exactly how much will change due to that web damage increase. I already thought her instinct was scary before and now this! Even more reason to get away from her during instinct. Looking forward to this patch overall. I can imagine bumping into a lot of new Sadira “mains” now.

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I’ve never been happier about Sadira. I’m glad they did what they did

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Remember when you suggested I play her? Well, the buffs, and my recent experimentation with air dashers, has made me more excited about her, and I think I will pick her up!

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It’s been a while since I used her but these buffs where needed.

She’ll be ok.

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I honestly don’t think the changes will change the MUs she struggles with, but at least she’ll sting more.

The fights she struggles in she’ll still struggle in, because by and large those fights are tough because it’s hard for her to win neutral or establish pressure, not so much because she didn’t hit hard enough (though that was true too).

I think her tier placing will probably remain right where it is, but make no mistake that the tiers have been compressed a bit further. If she can kill more easily without having to rely on resets or additional openings, then that will be be strong for her and more dangerous for her opponents. It means that she won’t have to work quite as hard to take a bar, and that’s always helpful.


So after testing out the 3.9 changes I found a couple of neat things to the changes.

  1. The jump cancel into autodoubles are gone which kindas sucks. No more instinct drain in between rounds. However can be jump canceled into other manuals not auto doubles, making her combos harder to break now. A slight delay to the jump cancel window and this will help out immensely. Also j-canceled into S.Widows Edge is still possible. Note that this does not affect jump canceled auto doubles in instinct(Seems they tried to avoid S1 Sadira).

  2. The new Web Cling ender now bites rather then stings. In fact her Shadow ender does only 1 to 3% more damage then the new damage ender. This allows Sadira to save her meter for more safe approach options or reversals.

  3. Webs doing chip allows Sadira to match Saberwulf and Cinder in chipout potental, a skill that most characters do not have. Mastering jump canceled H.Blade Demon into webs is a viable strat.

  4. J D.Mk has very little block stun during the first hit. A glitch that fixes itself when using a second J Could offer more mixup potential during instinct.

That most of what I have seen with 3.9 Sadira. Let me know if you guys find anymore changes.


@ElWayfarer over here doing God’s work :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been able to do them just fine? If you mean being able to go Opener>AD>AD>AD>ADetc it should still work
Unless we’re thinking of different things

Outside of Instinct… before the Patch, Sadira could jump cancel active frames outside of Instinct. This would create some pretty neat combos, but IG confirmed it was a glitch.

Ah okay. Nevermind then

Has anybody had a chance to try her out with 3.9? I haven’t had time to use her much, as I’ve been playing Destiny 2. I’m just curious to see how these changes really impacted her.

Not that it really matters now but she couldn’t jump cancel active frames, it was advantage frames she could cancel. If you were plus after hitting and still in the combo system you held up to jump ASAP and then cancelled the jump into a double/linker. This is why there was so much delay between the doubles compared to instinct ones, as she was waiting until the previous double completely ended. Not a super important distinction anymore but I think knowing exactly what was changed helps with understanding the game mechanics.


She feels great now. Much more inline with everyone else damage wise. Saving a ton of meter by using her damage ender instead of shadow cash out. It feels so good with webs doing damage again. I’ve won a lot of really close matches from people falling into a web or teleporting into one. I honestly couldnt be happier with where she’s at right now.

I tend to agree. She feels a LOT more dangerous without always having to rely on crazy set ups to win a match. I find that I’m winning more with just really solid footsies, although I LOVE doing crazy set ups. :smiley:

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maybe ill pick her up again after my hiatus, this is good news im seeing