Sabrewulf's KI 1 Story

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I’ve been brushing up on the original Killer Instinct 1 story and this detail has been bothering me. Hoping someone can help.

To my understanding, according to KI 1’s story (pre-reboot) Sabrewulf lost early in the KI tournament and was taken by Ultratech for experimentation. (And shiny, new cybernetic arms.)

What I CAN’T seem to find out is who beat him. KI 2’s story didn’t seem to mention it and the old comics from Armada don’t come off as the most reliable sources for canon. Does anybody know?

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i have no clue tbh…

i know TJ killed riptorn but lost his eye and allot of skin

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If you’re going by game’s canon then it was most likely Orchid. Everybody else had there own offical matchup.

Jago vs Fulgore
Thunder vs Spinal
Galcius vs Cinder
TJ vs Riptor

Orchid and Sabrewulf are the remaining two characters whose offical matchup was never stated, so it would make sense for those two to fight.

Based on what I have read it was never stated who defeated him. Here is what the KI Wikia says under his trivia section…

" Sabrewulf is the only character whose opponent in the first KI tournament was never revealed. It also isn’t known which opponent badly injured Sabrewulf in the first Killer Instinct, the cause of his bionic arms, either. However, considering that every other character had their opponents revealed (Glacius vs. Cinder, Thunder vs. Spinal, Jago vs. Fulgore, and TJ Combo vs. Riptor), it can be assumed that Sabrewulf’s opponent was Orchid. However it is stated in his KI2 ending that Glacius was a member of a race he made his mortal enemy, making Glacius a likely candidate for who maimed Sabrewulf. "


Thanks everyone!

Orchid does seem the most likely but I never stopped to consider that somebody else might have maimed him. Glacius makes sense, though I was reluctant to consider him before due to his story being so wrapped up with Cinder’s.

Thing is, I’m working on a Youtube project involving the full story of KI 1. (Pre-reboot canon, using KI2’s story to inform how the original ended.) I really want to do this thing right and Sabrewulf’s opponent seemed like a fairly significant detail. Didn’t really want to just try and make that part up but you may be right. The signs seem to point to Glacius’s as the one who took his arms.

I’d still love to know the “why” to that part but I might be asking for too much on that one…


I would just leave it open for interpretation in the video. I would just say something along the lines of what the wikia says, saying it was never confirmed, but it could be either Orchid or Glacius due to the reasons it listed, that way the viewer can kind of decide for themselves since there really is no official answer

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