Sabrewulf's backstory

Seeing Jago’s updated backstory, makes me wonder about Sabrewulf’s implants removed.

Like could it be possible Sabrewulf competed in the KI tournament for years to seek a cure. His arms were probably cut off during a time in the tourney and were replaced with cybernetic claws.

Then later ripped them out through alchemy to regrow them.

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Well you just have to wait for Sabrewulf’s NEW, UPDATED backstory when it releases next Monday of next week :wink:

So far from what I remember hearing in season1’s story was Sabrewulf ripped off his own implants to grow some new ones using magic. Sounds strange but that’s what I remember. Then again this is a reboot so maybe he never had them in the first place on this timeline.

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In this story line, the implants never happened. Instead, he created a steampunk exosuit.

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Anyone noticed Sabrewulf’s story now?

He got those implants in the first KI tournament? Or before with Jago & the others? Maybe during Eagle’s time.