Sabrewulf season 3 rebalance discussion

I understand nerfing his damage somewhat, especially when the rest of the characters are getting a damage nerf too, but why did Wulf get nerfed more than the rest? Every single one of his Enders gets nerfed, -35% damage to shadow eclipse And no damage bonus to instinct? his speed also took a small hit. These changes just don’t seem to fit with what sabrewulf is supposed to be, an unpredictable cross up character that’s in your face. Sure his new move is cool I guess, but how about something really good to even out the nerfs? Maybe bring back his spin, or ranged bat attack to have a few extra tools at his disposal


We’ve got quite a conversation about this happening over here. Sabrewulf Season 3 Rebalance Thread

Jump on in and let us know your thoughts in that thread.