Sabrewulf return with some humanity?

Will Sabrewulf make a return for future games?

Give him human speech like X-Men’s Beast!

I hope he does! He is my forever main

Well humanity would give Sabrewulf the ability to find better items from slain enemies…

Okay, Dark Souls jokes aside, Sabrewulf with the ability to speak would basically be Fenrir from the moba game SMITE, which I would have no problem with. Another question is would he have his more athletic moves from the older KI games (cartwheel, flip kick, etc.) or would he become more of a beast and get new moves like biting command grabs to throw opponents across the stage (or to create combo setups)?

And that says nothing of the bats from the old games either, would those even come back? Or does he get wolf strikers instead (basically becoming a pack leader with wolves or other werewolves)? Honestly speaking as much as I hated Sabrewulf’s design in KI2, I did like his gameplay way better in that game compared to the other games, and with him becoming just a little more human I wouldn’t mind some references to that old moveset in a future game (even if it’s just animation-wise).

I’d say he would gain some of his humanity back. Granted he’d still be a wolf-man.

I think it would be a bad idea to give Sabrewulf humanity, it would ruin whole point of his character.

Remember Hancock?

Give Sabrewulf some humanity to speak. I want him to feel like X-Men’s Beast & Underworld’s Lucian.

I can picture him combating the Coven. Connect Sabrewulf with Maya knowing her sister’s one of the vampires.

I think what they mean is to make him speak not make him human. Though I get were your coming from