SabreWulf Manuals

While I don’t play Wulf anymore I’m trying to learn manuals so I can transfer them to another character. What’s a trick to getting the timing? I’ve practiced in the lab and even though I press a button ONE time it still comes out as an auto.

The trick is the timing if you’re getting an auto double you’re hitting the button too quickly. If your opponent blocks your’e hitting too late the timing window is inbetween those two. The biggest window to practice on is off of an opener or a heavy linker using a light attack after the opener or heavy linker. Once you’re comfortable with doing a light manual you can move onto mediums and then heavies.

I’ve tried light ragged edge as the opener and then pressing medium kick. Much respect to those that can pull this off the timing must be really strict.

The easiest window is after a shadow linker…start here and work your way down. After a shadow linker you can do any strength manual you like.

Then try after Heavy linkers = any strength

Medium linkers = med or light manual

Light linker = light manual only

I would assume the opener strength to manual strength would be the same as the rule to linkers…but Im not for sure

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When I learn manuals I always use Jago as a dummy and use his head whiplash as a reference of timing. As in when his head is stunned back I time it accordingly to strength. As in, light is the fastest, medium is average and heavies are the fastest. Reference each hit with a timing and eventually you will time every manual with precision.

That’s how I was trying to learn. I was looking at my dummy’s reaction trying to find the “aha!” the moment, just when I think I get it I hit either too early or late.

Yeah it’s tough, but remember that the rule to manuals are dictated by the strength of attack you use prior to the move.

As Wulf try this, use heavy ragged claw linker, then hold down before the last hit and use HK. It should manual and give you some idea of Wulf’s manuals. I don’t much know about Wulf’s manuals beside his light and medium frame trap manuals but usually the easiest is to manual off a heavy linker for practice.

Sorry if this is a dumb question still trying to learn, but why am I holding down?

Just for the heavy crouching HK manual, to make it easier I hold down a little earlier to time the hit. Totally a preference choice but it helped me. Maybe it can help you. This only applies to Heavy to Heavy though. Any other linkers you will find the timing the easiest by using Heavy linkers into whatever strength.

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Light ragged edge as an opener gives you a manual of any strength. The slower the move, the tighter the timing required.

Shadow ragged edge and shadow leaping slash as openers also give you any strength manuals, so they’re algo good as practice.

Other than that, as a general rule for every character, light linkers allow for light manuals, medium linkers allow for light or medium manuals, and heavy linkers allow for light, medium or heavy manuals. Shadow linkers differ and are character specific.

Openers are also character specific.

As has been stated, you need to time the input late enough that an Auto double won’t come out, but early enough that it still combos.

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Oooooo okay gotcha that makes sense :wink:

Every character and every linker each have their own manual timing. Each one has their own rhythm to follow if you want to get it down just right.
As stated before, the easiest with Sabrewulf is Heavy Ragged Edge Linker. I can easily land any strength of manual apart from Standing HK. Heavy Hamstring Linker is also really good.

Also, as a little tip: If you’re looking for some extra style with your manuals, you can use pieces of Sabrewulf’s “Magic Chain” mid combo if you manual (i.e. LP>MP>HP, MP>HP, LP>MP). This can throw off their breaker timing as well as tack on a bit more damage off of a lighter strength manua/linker.


Gotcha, I tried doing manuals with Arby and other than one or two ( seemingly accidental lol) I couldn’t get a manual. I turned on the combo notification to help me as well. Went back to Wulf to try and understand it more since I am a bit more familiar with the character and it was a technique I could never quite execute.

Thanks for the tip as well as well as the video demonstration! Beautifully done! :open_mouth:

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I’m still getting the same issue even after a shadow linker it turns into an auto double no matter which strength I try. How long am I supposed to delay?

@oTigerSpirit I tried holding down and still got the auto. Frustrating to say the least I thought videos were supposed to be fun. lol!

Hmm keep at it, if you really have trouble I can make you a video featuring the controller. I’ll see if I can get it later on tomorrow, I’m pretty busy so I’ll do it asap.

The dojo tutorial has a part on manuals. Did you try it? Maybe it’ll help understand the idea…