Sabrewulf is hard on arcade stick

I don’t like sabrewulf left-right or right left motion to do specials moves. Usually I"m blocking, then press a light punch and get sabrewulf special move by mistake. Better to stick to circle based motions.

Really? I play Cinder and he’s got several of the same motions, since trailblazer is a left right motion. You may have a hidden habit of going from block to hitting forward before using a normal like LP, when you really don’t have to hit forward at all to use a normal out of blockstring pressure. When using a motion based character, this nuance isn’t so pronounced, but would be in the instance of a straight motion character like Sabrewulf. That’s the only thing I can think of, though video of your gameplay with inputs turned on would show a lot more about where you execution problems may originate.

I also tried to use Sabrewulf some time back and I gotta say, he’s more fun to play than I originally gave him credit for so long ago. I never really encountered the same problem with controlling him though. I think he’s fine with the forward back motions.

Yeath bad habbit. I prefer circle based motions. Is a bit hard for me to play wulf on arcade stick.

I’m a bit surprised by this. It’s not a common complaint. Maybe you should get a tighter spring for your joystick which would help prevent extraneous movement and bouncing out of neutral.

I actually feel the opposite. It’s much easier for me to use Back-Forward characters, as well as people I introduced to KI who don’t play a lot of fighting games