Sabrewulf double ultra

Can someone help me with Sabrewulf’s double recapture ultra? I always seem to miss shadow jumping slash.

Do the Shadow move almost immediately after Sabrewulf launches them into the air.



I always end up doing it too early by doing this, im always either too early or too late

Then all you can do it practice. Also, make sure you have enough kv left for the recap… others they will blow out the combo

Your KV meter is prob too full. Works better int eh corner also. Do it immediately after the launcher. Start your ultra after your opener, dont do a full combo into ultra. this way you know you will have KV meter room available.

To clarify, no, the Shadow Jumping Slash is not immediately after Sabrewulf launches the oponent into the air. It has a small delay which you must practice to get it correctly. If you do the shadow move immediately after the launch, he will jump into nothing.

Watch a few times this vídeo and focus on the timing.

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