Sabrewulf can talk human again?

I hope that he can be like Marvel’s Beast/Hank McCoy & Hulk/Bruce Banner.

If next game happens, he’ll act as both animal & human.

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I think it mostly was a story excuse to give him pre/post-fight banter in Shadow Lords.

Thank kanras mystical convenience potion of convenience. Gives you whatever you conveniently need…conveniently.

And yet despite that I’m still happy They chose to do this. My head canon that sabrewolf ending where he embraces both the human and wolf side of him just got a little bit more canon

Generally speaking, as his head is that of a wolf, I feel that even with intelligence, his vocal capabilities would be greatly limited, same with Riptor. Orchid could probably give him a vocal translator that would allow his barks, growls, and snarls to be translated into actual words.

OR… he carries an iPhone and uses that Dog to English translator app. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I kinda want a cynical alcoholic noir detective wulf.

But the Kan-Ra thing is scary, feels like a precursor to wulf becoming a jobber flunky.

Cynical, alcoholic, noir detetive wulf? you just described Bigby Wolf from Fables! :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh? Happy accident, I honestly didn’t know of him.

I live with 4 Raptors Mother, Father,
Daughter, Granddaughter, all they do is
sniff, but Riptora like to burb on me.

Bigby Wolf is the lead character in the Fables comic series. Before all the fairy tails were banished to NYC he was the Big Bad Wolf. In NYC he not only gained the ability to take a human form, he also became the Fables detective.

It’s a gritty adult comic series, and quite awesome.

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That would be neat.

thats his whole store in a nutshell. a convenience store if you will.

Any way to make Sabrewulf the “Beast” of KI? Marvel’s Beast.

A way to keep his humanity half with him in beast form?