S3 Update Has Regressed

I came home to find my S3 update for my XB1 at 25%. As the evening went on, it got much, much higher - well over 60% where I was able to experiment with Aganos and every character released thereafter. I turned off my console to go do other things while it finished downloading (please note that my console is NOT in power-saver mode) for a couple of hours. When I came back and turned my console back on, I found my update had regressed to 5% and the game itself is no longer playable - at all. Every time I try to start it, it simply crashes from the get go.

The worst part is, I’m fairly certain this is not the 1st time this has happened. It’s happened with other games I’ve tried downloading and installing too. I think this is actually about the 3rd time it has happened.

Has any of you had a similar experience or might know what’s happening? 'Cause, it, you know, sucks… :frowning:

Is nobody else experiencing this? It’s been going for 7 hours and it’s now only a 15% - I’m starting to think that, in addition to the stupid DL reset issue, that my ISP is throttling my connection since it’s the end of the month. Why is it that ISPs can get away with intentionally reducing their quality of service in order to make more money? No other business that I know of is legally allowed to do that…

I think I know what you’re talking about GG. I’ve seen that happen once when I was downloading a game except it happened right before my eyes (went from 40% to 18%) luckily it was like a 3 GB game so I didn’t have to wait long for it to download. You may just have to let your Xbox sit there turned on until it downloads.

My Xbox update took maybe uh… 4 hours total. And it did a few things like it’d be at 7% then go down to 6%. Odd. But it eventually finished. At least you can play it while it installs. Once it’s at 20% you can launch it and gradually it all fills in…

Don’t turn your Xbox off next time. Leave it on “6 hour inactivity mode”

Also if your downloading via WiFi…that’s your main problem. Buy an Ethernet cord and run it across the house when downloading games. Its really that simple and there are no excuses to not do this.
If you want quality you have to sacrifice a little bit.

My dl on pc was interrupted when a bonehead in my house ripped the internet cord out for a few minutes. I think sometimes when it gets interrupted it get forever corrupted.

Something was always wrong and weird with the dl until I manually delete the download cache and restarted the machine, start from scratch, watch it take twice as long as before, then it worked. What should have took 2 house turned into an all-day affair

I had a similar issue, my console in instant on mode did 50% download.

Nope sorry. My download took about 7 hours. No issues

Well, my worst case scenario has officially been realized (to come home on Wednesday afternoon only to find that it’s still not done) - as of now, it’s only at about 83%. All in all, that’s well over 24 hours for only 21GB. Even with my connection speed, it should’ve been finished by now. Oh, and I am wired up the wazoo, so it’s not a wi-fi issue. I also had all other online devices on the network disabled or turned off, so that wasn’t it either. As for the whole back and fourth thing, what really erks me about it is the fact that I was able to play the game in part yesterday as it downloaded, but once it dropped back down to 5%, I no longer could. That’s almost like Xbox Live is saying “sure you can have it! Oh, wait… Sorry, no you can’t.” Then, they rip it away from you. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s harsh.

I question whether this is a preview program issue, since I’m in the Xbox Live preview program, but I’ve gone to their forums and have seen nobody else report similar issues of their own. Still, I reported it over there as well as through the XBL Feedback option itself. I’m also going to take steps to call my ISP and rip them a new 1 if I find out that they’re throttling my connection.

Man. Sry bro. Hope it works out for you soon.

I am around 60% now but will put my update on hold for the doom beta. Will notify if issues comes up.

Don’t think it’s a preview program issue, I’m also in it and it only took me four hours.