S3 Stream today? Or Nah?

It seems the recent “accidental revelation of unannounced details” has caused the devs to not interact with us in the same quantity they were just before that.

We haven’t gotten any more game-related news or details, and i have heard nothing about the stream that was supposed to happen today. (or close to today)

Is something wrong?

is the stream still happening?

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hey, just wanted to say thanks for the my little pony KI artwork a few threads back. I sent a few to my PS4 fanboy buddy and got lol’s.

This whole thing seems like a mess honestly.

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I think the streams are on Tuesdays like the last guest one.

I’m hoping there will be a stream today as well.

just to point out that 8 hour stream last Sunday was supposed to be announced in a thread on when it was going to start.

the announced time wound up being a thread titled “oh hey we’re streaming now”.

who freaking knows…

was hoping for a stream today. I thought they said they would be doing more of them on sundays? I could be wrong

That’s what I recalled as well.

does anyone feel growing disappointment lately? cause outside the normal reveal, tender moments/retros, I’m not feeling it.

I heard some rumbling about the 14th which is tomorrow and the hype train is about 2 weeks late for me personally.

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Nope…not disappointed at all. I’m hyped as heck, but figure with the game very close to release, I’d figure an uptick on info/trailers/streams/gameplay/etc being put out there.

Curious as to what rumblings that you’ve heard.
Edit: Not leaked info that we are not allowed to talk about here.

Still doing casuals every Tuesday with Community folks, and dev streams are aiming - repeat - aiming for Thursdays. This week will bring you the UI, though in the dev stream, not the casual.


Thanks. I thought Keits mentioned Sunday streams being a thing, but he might’ve said it was something they were aiming to do rather than they were doing. What time is the casual stream?

3-5pm PST


…and the currently anticipated time for the Thursday stream? Is it TBD?



[quote=“GalacticGeek, post:13, topic:6035, full:true”]
…and the currently anticipated time for the Thursday stream?
[/quote][quote=“rukizzel, post:14, topic:6035”]
[/quote]I see what you did there… :expressionless: SIGH


So can I ask which build will be used? Will it be the game coming on the 29th or is it still a version behind that?

We he did say we’d get the new ui, but I’m unsure if it includes the menu. If the menu is not included in the build we see, it won’t be the final “release build”.

However, if it does have the menu included, then it may be the release build or the one just before. Therefore, I’d doubt it’s exactly what we will see when it releases.

Maybe it’s just In-game UI? New Purple colors for the Shadow Meter?

This is really exciting! S3 will finally have a face. I’m liking the purple and green more and more. I have questions, but I can wait a few days.

I have felt that the Devs have become more quiet and solemn this past week. Hope things are okay. I cheer you guys on. S3 is gonna melt faces with awesome. Every bit of news adds up to something beyond amazing.

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-Rash’s colors
-Cinder’s backstory
-Killer Insight (Sleep)
-Deals with Gold (Jago)
-Double XP weekend (Jago)
-Ultimate Source Figures & color 10 reveals (Fulgore, Hisako, Jago)
-BTS music of Kim Wu
-Casual stream of Season 3

…quiet. solemn. :stuck_out_tongue: