S3 Jago tech?

After playing Tusk for a while, today I went back to my main Jago and man, is it a completely different game. Looks like it’s Jago all the way for me, and so I have a few questions:

  • Have you Jago fans found any particular uses or mixups that make flip out worth using?
  • What about fireball dash-cancels? I’ve only used them at range to try and stay unpredictable, can they be used like Scorpion’s hellfire cancels at one point for super-pressure?
  • What the hell do I do against Rash when I block the tongue which pulls him to me? He immediately goes into his series of punches that I can only sometimes interrupt with a cr.MP or cr.MK, depending on the spacing, but they seem really safe and not able to be low profiled.

I actually almost posted this same question. His new flip out tech completely changes his game in a good way. He has some great 50 50 resets not to mention a good way to bait people in to counter breakers. I’m usually a Spinal main but I have been having way to much fun playing some Jago the last few days. As for the dash cancels I haven’t really went for anything with them. But was thinking it might be a sneaky way to throw the opponent if your up close. I was also wondering about any tech like scorpions fireball cancel. Not sure about Rash haven’t really fought a lot of them as I mainly play against friends. Maybe try DP when they zip in close? I would for sure like to hear what everyone else has found!

Have you tried f+HK against Rash after blocking it?

Grab into shadow fireball into flipout. You can do an overhead,low,or dash in grab. I haven’t tried doing a chargw fireball though.

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@CrimsonGhost119 @GalacticGeek Tried both, but got beat out clean. Wasn’t really expecting the f.HK to work, but the DP should’ve gone through; I tried several times, but I may just have been late. I will lab it out when I have a moment.

@Sasuke99I Sounds good as a fairly common scenario, thanks.