S3 dev decisions

Why are the decisions that have been made with S3 (stages, ugly-ass shadows, stupid level 4 enders) in the game? Who in the dev team thought a generic copy-paste character select screen, generic shadow effects across the entire cast that takes away from characters uniqueness, taking the time to go through every characters level 4 enders to “enhance” them, an unneeded lighting overhaul, and less in-game content was a good thing? Literally every decision that has been made for S3 has been a bad ■■■■■■ idea. Are you guys really that distanced from the community that you thought we’d want any of that over actual content?

Yes, this is a rant post, but I want an insight to the devs mindset here.

Also, what did you guys hope to accomplish with deleting every thread that mentioned the leak last week? It’s on the internet, it will spread whether you delete it or not


I really like the Select screen. I can agree on the leak.

I actually really like the new character select screen.

Everything else you said however, is completely spot-on. ESPECIALLY the new level 4 enders! They really look out of place and poorly animated in most cases

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It’s great your passionate.

But you admit you’re ranting.

And you’re being unconstructive.

So, to off topic we go.

When you want to put constructive feedback together, feel free to post that in the appropriate forums.


Ok, sorry for putting this in the wrong category, but can you help me understand so I can maybe, hopefully understand why the decisions were made?

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Go home you are drunk

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Just out of curiosity, what kind of response are you expecting? What could they possibly say other than “we thought these features look cool. Sorry you don’t like them.”

The answer certainly isn’t “well, we are idiots so we like to do dumb stuff that we know you will hate.”


Pro tip pal. If you’re honestly trying to gain insight from a developer. Come at them with respect. You can’t type a post with words that can’t be shown and expect constructive answers to your question. I get it, you care, but it also helps to care for the integrity of the forum.


There are many reasons a dev team might make changes, such as these. If we look back at the changes to the S2 UI, S2 balance changes, and graphical tweaks, they were to reflect the new direction the game was going as well as its story (The Rise of Ultratech).

We can expect this is the very reason why they are changing things for S3, because it is ultimately going into a different direction. Cosmetically it makes since for them to change the character select screen so they could fit all the characters on it without making the character select images even smaller.

There is a reality as a creative, not everybody is going to like what you make. Not every one is going to agree with the decisions you’ve made. That’s life and it is a fact.

I say, let’s wait and see it for ourselves once we can play it, versus judging it by what we’ve seen on streams.

And always remember this, no matter how bad you make think the UI is, it will always be better than Street Fighter V’s. :slightly_smiling:


I have some constructive feedback, Season 3 has a lot of bad decision making.

Solution is to rethink everything, go back to the drawing board and make KI great again. There’s a lot of things you guys set in motion and decided on a long time ago that people still don’t agree with and you will need to think about your legacy if this is your last season. Make it right, start preparing the patches and get ready to revert to old shadows, stop fixing what isn’t broken.

I really like the new shadows, and my first impression of the lvl 4 enders was positive and I still feel that way. The new lighting and character/stage select screen are awesome and were needed.

The ‘only 3 stages’ is regrettable, but I dont feel like throwing a temper tantrum about it, because I know they werent picking their noses instead, that time and budget was spent on something else.

It is your opinion and you have a right to it, but dont go stating it as fact, because that would mean I am not entitled to my opinion, and I quite value it :sunglasses:


When Season 3 releases…

THAT, is when the the hype will commence.

At least they are not EA :slightly_smiling: