S3 Character's classifications?

How would you label each character? For example, Tusk is a bully character, in the same realm as Aganos.

Fulgore and Rash with some Arboter are classified as the best.

Just going off of my own judgement…
Kim Wu: Balanced/Counter character
Rash: Mobility/Beat 'em up style
Arbiter: Mid range zoner, setups
Tusk: Bully, poker

Let’s ask @Infilament . He’s got a guide to cover this sort of thing.

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Hmmm seems spot on.
Totally diggin the depth these new chars have. You can do a whole manual combo with Tusk using various crouching and standing normals. I

Definitely would like to see others’ perspective as well. Especially with Arbiter, I think he has the most potential in a competitive standpoint.

@Infilament isn’t this what your guide talks about?