S1 style manuals?

How is this done?

Sadira’s instinct allows you to jump cancel stuff.


Never knew that, is it brand new from the 3.6 update?

It always existed since Season 1…

Became less practical now, similar to Jago’s DP juggle. Probably why it isn’t seen as much.

Yeah, I can say I’ve seen this before in season 1, but in season 2, IG changed some rules regarding manual chains. Basically, in season one, manual chains had no openers, therefore, the combo never entered a breakable phase and the chain could continue for as long as Sadira had instinct, with some but little scaling.

IG changed the rules to where after so many manuals chained together, it entered a breakable phase, opener or no opener. As such after about 3 hits into the infinite, the combo becomes breakable within the traditional combo breaking system, and with it being a simple repetition of 2 moves in a sequence, it’s super easy to break. It’s still decent if you get a lockout on the other player and try for the infinite, and with a shadow cashout, you’ll get good damage.

So back in season 1, chainable moves like Jago’s cr.lp repeated into opener didn’t scale and didn’t cause the opener to accidentally turn into a linker. Now doing multiple chainable moves in succession treats the first three hits like an opener.


In the vid Sadira is actually jump cancelling Auto Doubles. In S1 these were manuals. You could still break them, but it was much harder. Sadira can also jump cancel specials, and it was for this reason they changed the way they worked as has already been discussed.

CDjr was able to win at EVO 2014 by jump cancelling Blade Demon as an opener. It was very difficult to pull off, but it offered a one chance break high damage combo.

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The Blade Demon cancel tech is back, but breakable now. It’s execution is hard as hell but I was eventually able to do it consistently and in all honesty, is pretty easy to break if you use the heavy. I found that after a linker you are always able to jump cancel into another blade demon so if you are able to land a manual into a light or medium blade demon linker you can probably get another one off to throw off your opponent. I would usually hit confirm and open with a blade demon for a lot of my combos. From there I would do 1 medium blade demon then 1 light blade demon (Or vice versa to mix up good opponents). If you land a manual from there and then do another linker you can jump cancel into another blade demon. This get even crazier if you start neutral jump cancel and throwing the light projectile. She has some serious potential once she gets into a combo now. I can easily foresee her becoming really hard to break for ground combos once someone take the time to learn all of this.

Sadira could cancel into her instinct however that was season 1 and well they patched it so you can’t do it as often sometimes it will work just not all the time.


Here is a video demonstrating how it looks. This also shows the difference in input times from strength to strength. It’s not too hard once you get the timing down. Not even that hard to implement into combos in actual matches either.