i’m a panthers fan living in the UK and it’s 1am here and there’s a thunderstorm going on and i’m honestly about to punch a hole in my gotdamn tv

football is wonderful: discuss

hold up we got an interception just as i made this post so i feel marginally less bleak now… thank you for the ball peyton-sempai

Don’t join the bandwagon mate :wink:

Hate to break it to you but… :smirk:
#Denver Broncos Superbowl Champs 2016

before this season started i was looking at our schedule and i thought it would be a really rough season like i was thinking maybe 5 - 11 or something but… this is a different kind of rough… im so sad… peyton manning why won’t you just die?? is there some type of hgh/doping/kan-ra situation going on here???

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4 glorious, agonizing hours

Don’t blame Peyton. He was largely mediocre. Von Miller (or as I’ve called him, Von Killer) was the one who did most of the damage. :wink:

yeah for sure the denver defence was the main factor in the game i think along with the turnovers… so many turnovers… and the gods of fumble recovery luck did not smile on carolina today

I was going to watch it with friends or family, but played Halo 5 instead, and only caught the last few plays.

The panthers came in to the game with their head too big, plus the aforementioned defense. I felt bad because my home state lost, At least their season was dope.

Hey hey, so I’m not a Bronco fan but I do reside in Colorado. My work is actually right by the parade today and I just want to say, there is an $@!& load of orange. Also, lot of people are “sick” so I’m carrying a lot of weight lol

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