Russia World Cup 2018

Is anyone else excited about the Football Word Cup happening in less than 90 days?
I know Football (soccer) isn’t appealing to a lot of persons, I still I find it to be incredibly popular and despite showing myself like “I don’t care about it as I used to” it truly gets me when the World Cup is so close.

My team was dangerously close to not make it this time to the WC (thank you Messi, you might be one of the best if not the best player in the entire World!) and that would have been strange and a catastrophic event for many. Still it would teach a lesson: get down of your high horse and improve (eitherway if the team doesn’t play better we will lose, individual skills mean a lot but Football is no one-man-sport).

I would be lying if I say I’m not a bit excited. There are a lot of persons who live football religiously here and it’s contagious since you are young, but mostly from past glories, and the idea we have amazing players doing great in foreign countries but not getting results in the national team is dissapointing but it could be a reflection of the current state of things locally (well, getting second in the last WC isn’t easy task though).
It’s been a long time now and there’s a new gen who doens’t care at all about this sport, and I think it’s ok.

As usual I expect to enjoy other teams matches while I’ll be suffering every minute my team plays. It’s hard to explain but that’s the way it is. I’ll be looking forward some nice matches.

I gave up watching local football leagues long ago (I watch EU league from time to time) I only check local results and classic matches. But the World Cup is a different show, and i simply love it.

This could be Messi’s last World Cup, and I hope he can do well. His childhood club rejected helping him with his hormonal treatment (he had an hormonal growing problem). Barcelona took this young promise and so far he became a star. Spanish nationalized, he still rejected to play for Spain (he could have already won a World Cup in Africa’s WC) to play in his national team despite his rejectors don’t want him (geez…the people! -__- )

It’s a pleasure watching him play tbh. I would love we could get that Cup, but I’m afraid having high hopes, there are many hungry players looking for glory, and I don’t know if we,as a team, are hungry anymore…I really hope we do better this time!

Anyway, motivational speech:


I’m eager to see how the WC goes. Spain did a horrible WC 4 years ago, and they were one of the favourite teams

It would be nice to watch an Argentina-Spain while sharing an xbox chat Maru! It would be super fun for sure!

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I don’t know… Neymar had a surgery in his right foot and our team don’t know how to play without him! it’s a shame! I hope he recovers in time because I’m afraid we would have another fiasco like in 2014.

And our adversary in the last of 16 can be precisely… Germany! if they don’t qualify in first place of their group.

Honestly, I don’t like football. Sometimes I think “why i’m watching 22 men running after a ball?”, but when world cup approaches the mood gets me everytime.

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True, they choked. I was very happy when you won the World Cup in 2010.

Actually Brazil is the team that scares me the most right now just because of that. It think Neymar will be fine and still you got Marcelo, Dani Alves, and other great players! .
As forever rivals I would love the final to be between our countries, that’s the real stuff! LOL. Germany and Holland have been nightmares everytime too. Of course I’m not saying Brazil will be easy, but it would be totally cool. Still you have the biggest cup number and Germany is just too close to get another one. Germany and Brazil will have to play eventually and it will be hard for both: Brazil want their rematch from that tragic match in 2014, and Germany want the fifth cup, it will be lit!!

It’s fun because I want Brazil to win over Germany but at the same I don’t want it because we are futebol huge rivals, but I like Brazil’s ppl a lot XD

Of course, if Argentina doesn’t win I would like Italy to win. Oh wait… :scream: Nooooooo!!! This WC will never be the same…

I don’t have a team to root for specifically, but it will be fun. Wonder which big name will fall in the group stages. If I had to pick a winner, probably Spain or Germany.

I’ve been thinking: Does this World Cup music means YOLO??

I still remember how I enjoyed this one,though it wasn’t the official one:

Anyway, Russia WC 2018 is full of surprises until now. I’m quite dissapointed with my team performance tbh, it’s been a shame.
I just hope to enjoy the rest of what this event can give, and I expect some good football, I don’t care about who shows it. Just show it! XD

This song is so beautiful!

I was very young when this happen. But I remember some key things during matches and penalties.
1986 was the last time I saw my team winning the cup. It was quite close in 2014, but usually Germany was there to stop the dream once again.

Back to 2018 Germany is out of the World Cup. They couldn’t make it through qualifiers. The ex champion couldn’t make it and it was a big surprise. Some small teams are showing the hunger to win and no one gives anything for free. This World Cup is crazy! Still there are 4 matches to go before the grand final.

PS: lol, we are so sick about football xD

What a match geez!! 4-3. France seems top tier right now, a really tough rival no doubts.
I’m still sad for losing but I believe the players gave eveything they could. It is what it is.

See you in 4 years muchachos :sob::+1:

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