Running out of DLC to buy

I was just about to purchase some KI Gold, then i realized, there’s nothing left to buy with it!! Some new content that can be bought with ki gold would be most welcome!! i really cant buy anything until there is more stuff available…

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Perhaps sending the gold on the Guardian Packs in Shadow Lords won’t help?


Rarely do i think twice when it comes to buying KI content… but with guardian packs, i never think of using actual money… however, with the ability to rip packs with Astral gems, i don’t see the need to purchase packs with real money for those guardians… I feel they are overpriced for what they are worth… but they are absolutely worth the Gems!! Besides, I don’t want to run the risk of pulling a duplicate Owl (which is useless IMO, and i’ve pulled the crap out of those). kinda scared me away from buying with physical money… besides i’ve already beat gargos with what i have… Thanx for the reply!!


Now if KI gold returns in the next game, and carries over?? I’ll buy some every payday and just hold onto it…

If you haven’t got everyone to level 50 and want to get the color 9s, you can always spend gold on an XP boost to cut down the amount of grinding you have to do. Unless you want to grind out everyone as slow as possible to make sure you have got gud. :smirk:


I personally never spend Gold on anything I’m confident I can get myself without hassle. I got all the color 9’s and mimic skins (apart from Gargos and Omen’s mimic skins because I had a bit of my initial 18k from S3 leftover and didnt realize how efficiently I’d learn to grind out Gargos victories at the time) because I knew I could unlock them by chillaxing at my own pace. So I’ve been spending my Semi daily KI Gold rewards on Shadow Skins since I know I don’t quite have the patience to do Shadow Survival like I can against the regular dumb AI.

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Running out of DLC… every day I see more bizarre problems on this forum…


maybe this will help push things along yeah???