RUIN Your Day - Aganos Combo Thread

Showcase all your flashy combos here for the battle-worn War Golem!

I’m curious, how do you guys hide your auto doubles well? I feel like Aganos more than anyone in the cast is the easiest to break. He’s the largest visually and has very easy to identify positions and animations. Like his heavies for example are so easy to see, one being that massive and slow stomp move he does with his foot and the HP version which is a bit faster but puts that massive focus on his arm with the attachment on it. I feel like his mediums are decent, but they look so different than his lights. If anything it’s those lights that you have to abuse and pray people don’t react in time and then catch them trying to counter break during the ambiguous roll linker. I’m still learning but I’m curious if you guys use a lot of counter breakers or have a go to mindset when comboing? Like maybe you do a linker a light auto double linker and ender to kinda bait out lock outs or maybe you make it obvious and counter breaker?

I’m glad these threads finally got added so I figured I’d contribute in the best way I can currently, asking questions.

EDIT: Also, I wanted to ask does Aganos have any good manuals? I’d imagine that’d help solve my issue with his auto doubles. I’d love to learn some if he does, might help a lot in mixing up his fairly obvious autos.

Compared to the rest of the cast his manuals are actually super easy to do. Take it into practice to get the timing down. Otherwise rely on his ADs for great counter breaker bait, even more so to absorb any punishment if they don’t fall for it.

Scrub question, does everyone have manuals and how do you know you’re doing them? Can every button press be a manual or only specific ones? I’ve never done one before, I know you have to use the same strength as your linker but that’s it. I kinda focused on every other aspect first, Manuals are the main thing I haven’t touched, still haven’t gotten a counter breaker off which was the last thing I spent time wrapping my head around fully.

Read @Infilament guide here:

IMO I’d focus on everything besides manuals if I wanted to improve my game overall first. This includes defense, understanding your characters normals/spacing, how to punish, etc.

It took me a long while to learn this but it’s actually pretty simple once it’s broken down.

Aganos has a couple of ways to Manual (and these same rules apply to the entire cast) but I’ll tell you what the easiest time to manual is:

1.) Natural Disaster Opener - Using any strength of Natural Disaster will net you a free manual attempt with any strength of button regardless of how many chunks you may have. Normally the manuals I will go for are:

  • Close Standing Light Kick

  • Close Standing Medium Punch or Close Standing Hard Kick (as both of these will allow you to combo into a Shadow Payload Assault)

2.) The other way to normally manual is with your Linkers in combos. Depending on what strength of either Linker you use, you can get the corresponding strength of normal. Light Linkers will let you do Light Manuals, Medium Linkers allow for both Medium and Light Manuals, and Hard Linkers allow for any strength.

Try starting off practicing with this for now as those will be the most common ways for Aganos to setup his Manuals. Shadow Pulverizer/Natural Disaster also allow for a Manual attempt as well.

i do agree with mr cstyles. his manuals was the last thing i learned with the character. defense is number 1. every character has different pressure. once you learn what they potentially can do keep it in mind and dont forget if its a repetitive pressure use shadow counters.

I just discovered a great seup with Aganos, that might be difficult due to resources and spacing, but it pays dividends.

1. Get 4 chunks.
2. Get as close to your opponent as you can and still be able to hit with far s.HP.
3. Hit confirm with far s.HP
4. Perform l.PA 4x (or even 5x, with stricter timing and spacing) as quick as you can.
5. Start any combo of your choice.

There are many reasons why this setup is really good:
- it does a minimum of 25% damage (if you don’t do a follow-up combo);
- all 4 chunks are considered openers and can’t be broken by any means;
- can’t be blocked after initial hit due to hit stun;
- you still have plenty of KV after all 4 chunks to continue and mixup your combo;
- great way to bait lockouts;
- gives you a free manual following chunk attacks;
- every follow-up manual automatically gives you KV stock level 3;
- far s.HP can be replaced with close s.MP for (a far) easier setup, but for 3% less damage;
- can do potentially upwards of 90% damage with shadow meter, walls, etc.; and
- if opponent gets pushed back too far, l.PA can easily be mixed up with m.PA.