Rough Ground

I just had another fun idea for Aganos, that might actually be a little broken, but fun regardless, so I wanted to share it with you.

Payload assault without chunks, as it is now, does ~1% of damage and has minor hit-stun. But that’s all!

Now imagine if instead of that, it left those tiny pebbles that shoot out on the ground for a brief period of time, causing rough ground.

Visually and conceptually, it would work similar to Riptor’s fire carpet, but instead of actually damaging the opponent, it would simply slow down their movement speed if they were to cross over it and/or add extra frames to their jump-in landings, making them more vulnerable as they land.

This would help Aganos slow his opponents down when they’re at a distance to give him the advantage.

To balance it out, you could even say that if Aganos pushes them across the rocks, like with a blocked thrown peacemaker, it doesn’t push them as far, giving them the advantage of being closer to Aganos than he would like. It could even potentially slow down Aganos’ natural disaster roll, or force him into a predictable and easily blockable jump mid-move (in order to avoid the rough ground). Furthermore, it could make for interesting timing mixups with a LP payload assault that rolls across it, because it would lose its own moment going over the rough ground.

What do you guys think?

Just a fun little idea I had. :slight_smile: