Ronin Rumle Sadira instinct combo Lord Kalypso

@TTVUAKALYPSO had a great run with Sadira yesterday in the Ronin Rumble tournament. One of the highlights was his instinct combo which took almost full meter with resets and a taunt I might add.

Just looking back I noticed after the instinct activation he did a medium recluse but from a long distance. There is a forward dash I believe. Tried it in Dojo as I often pop instinct then WEB backdash but did not know there was a followup with recluse.

So much happening in this combo really, opponent pretty much has to guess if a web is coming out or a short combo into reset. Great stuff!


Kalypso was amazing. I was REALLY rooting for him. His match with @SonicDolphin117 was down to the wire. It was a mere manual break that cost him the match. I have to admit, as he is a fellow Web Nationer, I was rooting for him.