Rocket League and Minecraft are cross-platform play with PC and Switch. KI?

The longest of long shots, sure. But what if KI was on a Nintendo platform again? And you could play cross platform with PC players AND Xbox players.

The dream…

Three major problems with that:

First is Microsoft will probably want to hold on to this one for their own platform, and probably wouldn’t sell it on any other console. Though, since Nintendo seems to be no longer in direct competition with either Sony or MS, and more or less cater to a different audience, this one doesn’t seem like one MS would be set in stone either. It wouldn’t be such a long shot if reason two didn’t exist.

The second real reason you’ll never see it on Switch is for the same reason the Xbox 360 version was scrapped. The game basically just couldn’t run with the necessary graphical fidelity and 60 fps benchmark, and since the Nintendo Switch is really underpowered, and is really sort of on par with the PS3 and 360, the chances of the Switch even being able to play the game just don’t seem to exist.

Finally, even if the Switch is capable of running a HEAVILY downgraded version of the game, that means a whole new port of the game that costs time and resources for what may not have a great payoff, and would require development on lower resolution everything, remaking EVERY stage, character, and then a whole new netcode capable of running on Nintendo’s online infrastructure with a decent netcode.

Doubt it will really happen, not so much because they may not want to share the IP, but because the Switch probably couldn’t technically handle it.

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Personally, I would very much like the idea. Being able to play KI anywhere on the go would be awesome…


After playing Ultra SF2, the Switch is in dire need of specialty joycons suited to play fighting games, because neither the analog stick or the directional buttons on the left joycon are well suited for some of the complicated control inputs traditional FGs have need of…and that’s not even counting Fightstick users. And include what @IronFlame mentioned in his post, I think the whole idea would be dead on arrival.

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I just don’t see Switch as a great fighting game platform. But hey, you never know.