RockaKhan Challenge!

Why am I the only person that comes across this guy in EX? Now he has an Orchid! I want to see someone beat him…Im putting a challenge out there to the first person that can post proof of beating his Sadira or Orchid with OMEN! FT10 Recorded …Not Jago, or Hisako… or Gargos. OMEN! Not 1 lucky match either.
I will personally gift the winner an Xbox Ecard of $10.

And if you try other charterers and still cant beat him …I want to see that too!

Who’s up for the challenge??? He is tired of beating me becasue he/she leaves after 1-2 matches…I’m obviously not worthy no matter how close I get. Maybe he is getting scared I might pull out a win…who knows?? lol

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No takers??? @ItzTymeToDul @LetalisVenator @MariusStriker

Anyone??? @KevBones10 try with Kilgore?


Yoo I’ll try. I’m not the best Omen or Kilgore but $10 is $10 :yum:

Preferably OMEN…I just thought kev could try Kilgore becasue I have a KIlgore…well you have a Kilgore too so that will work too!

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THe dude is good guys…I dont know why no one has heard of him? Why he hasnt been in tournaments…He is good!!! Im no slouch, Ive beat some big names and can hang with anyone, I may not win often, but I cant beat this guy he has my number to the max!

I need to know that Im not the only one that cant beat him…with Omen or Kilgore. Other mains don’t count now!!!

Yo, thank you for tag me! I have no idea who is RockaKhan, but I will try to ask him to play with me in FT10 matches. :slight_smile:

I’m not having much time to play KI in these last months due to college and my joystick is kinda broken. I played a set against him in the beginning month and I lost by him 10 to 9 or 10 to 8. He used his Sadira half of the time, and then his Orchid. Honestly I believe he took easy on me in some of them, he was stuck in the place waiting for me sometimes. I’ll find these matches and make a video of them, so you can watch what I did. I just need to learn how to make a video and send to YouTube from Xbox, I never did this before. My main inspiration for Sadira fight was this set between Nate and Kalypso (honestly I believe these are the best Sadira and Omen out there).

Of course my Omen don’t even get close to Nate’s, but I didn’t have any shame to abuse of zoning against his Sadira watching these matches. I believe rashakukens is the best Omen can do to stop Sadira in the air. When I make the video you’ll see that some matches are boring to watch because of that haha My biggest problem against him is that my defense sucks, I’m poor guess breaker, specially against Sadira.

You beat Rockakhan 8 of 10??? No way!!! lol…Id have to see it to beleive it. And you used Omen?
I need to see it. No offense but I dont think your Omen is on the level of my Omen but maybe IM wrong… let play a set and see? Last time we played I thought it was a prettty one sided set.

Just share the clip here in xbox PM or give me your xbox clips link (gamer tag)

Don’t worry, I’m not offended. I know your Omen is way better than mine. Good ideia! I’ll record Xbox clips and send to you. We can play, but as I said my joystick is kinda broken. I can play with it but my A button is not ok, I prefer to fix it before.

Did you have a hard time against his Orchid as well? I believe that most of my victories against him was against his Orchid. His Sadira still very strong for me, but I believe I won at least 3 matches against her. I’m not 100% sure tho, I need to watch the records.

Fought and beat him before. Used Raam. I don’t get on ki much these days however.


2 days ago was the first time I ever seen him use anyone but Saidra. I guess he finally got tired of beating me with Sadira. Ive come so close to beating him but never have … and his Orhcid is no joke too! He just has my # man And I need to know what to do that gets him off his game becasue he plays perfect no matter what I throw at him and IM gonna be honest Im throwing my best stufff at him and even some stuff that suprises myself that Im proud of and he still finds a way to pull out a win last second.
Im not doubting you beat his Sadira, but Id have to see it to beleive it. And if you did HELL YEAH BRO! I need to learn from the clip for sure! You must have been practicing your ace off becasue this dude has the ebst Sadira Ive seen even equal to Kalypso!

As far as anyone using Kilgore…thats fine, I play Kilgore but I dont plan on using Kilgore agaisnt him. I really want to see some Sadira vs Omen match up knowledge.

If I cant chat or send you a message its becasue I had a 7 day ban from chat, PMs, comments, and sharing video clips but I think it ended this morning.

Thanks everyone for rading and responding. Im about to get on if any one wants to play! 930pm Central time Saturday night.

Yeah but you have an OMEN! PLx just give it a try? I need you guys to HALP MEH!!!

If I fight sadira with omen I usually win. Shoot 2 fireballs at a time and out play her when she’s down.

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Man Ive tried that…he web wall bounce off and over and gets in…then its blender city! I can hold my own but the air manuals are too much I lock out and when I get my combos in I dont have those options of easy lock outs…I cant brake often so I have to play the CB game…which is a gamble.

THe dude is good!!!

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Are you sure you don’t just have a mental block against him? There are other players that completely destroy players that can completely destroy another player but then they can’t beat that player themselves. I had this problem with my friend back when he still played KI. I could go undefeated in ranked and make top 8 in tournaments but I could never beat him despite the fact that he would lose to things I had no problem beating. He could straight up perfect me and then proceed to get wrecked by the randomest things in ranked.

Maybe so but Id like to seee some forum buddies run sets with him since no one knows who he is. Id like to see how they do against s him. Obviously Ihave some sort of block agaisnt him LOL

I know how you feel. His web’s instinct manuals :laughing: he beat me a lot of time with this. Sadira’s instintct is a nasty one. I already recorded 20 min of matches, I believe it was 3 to 2 for him when I stopped. One of my victories I believe he had a problem, he was stuck lol low battery on the joystick maybe. But in the end he tried to break my combo, so I don’t know if he tried to mock me or he just had a problem in one of the matches.

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If I get on again anytime soon I’ll see about playing him.

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My internet doesn’t work with KI right now. I’m in denial to play. It’s awful, because I want to.

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