Rising Spirit-New Fighting game


Where did you hear they are going for that? Just curious :slight_smile:


I follow this game on the gamemaker forums and the description there doesn’t describe the gameplay to be similar to GG or BB at all. They seem to be focusing on fluid movement and natural physics based interactions blended with some traditional fighting game elements. But not attack cancel heavy or whatnot


I asked them about on Facebook 2 years ago.


Maybe so but I think they’re trying to make into there own version of combos similar to GG & BB but in there own way.


Hmm… maybe they were referring to the art style? To me, that latest video from a gameplay perspective doesn’t look like GG and when I played the early prototype years ago it didn’t feel as such. I guess we will have to wait to hear more :slight_smile:

Oh, I noticed some videos you posted aren’t working anymore… maybe they moved over to the new YT you mentioned earlier?


Type in rising spirit on YouTube and search for channels and it should be there


Ok thanks!


Has the Spirit Risen yet ?


No news.
It was looking promising

Maybe they are going to play soulcalibur


Give them time it’s 2 people who are working on this.


Wait… what ?

Just two dudes/dudets ?

Now thats Ballsy…


This game has been in development for 3 years which makes sense why there’s only 2 people.


Its cool how they just keep making progress… slowly but surely its getting made.


A Brand new update has arrived for Rising Spirit

New Stage -


Another quick update of Rising Spirit has just dropped with new and improved gameplay.


Another new update video on Rising Spirit is out featuring combos and juggles