Riptor's crouching HK

I’m sorry but something about standing normals being able to stuff this move really urks me and doesn’t feel right. Also it also looks really weird when in instinct her tail can reach and touch both Jago and Thunder’s model (Or any char) during some of their lower body invincible moves and still have it be stuffed out. I get they’re lower body invul but seeing my tail hit Jago’s foot before his upper leg connects really bothers me.

Cant say much about your frustration over the character models being touched, but not hit. That is just a typical fighting game thing that happens all the time.

As for the “stuffing” part…

That move should never be “Stuffed” unless they hit you FIRST. Heavy Normals beat every other normal when they trade, so if you are being beaten out by another normal, then you timed it too late.

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That just sounds like a hit box issue.

You can’t stuff a heavy normal with another normal. You’ll either trade or lose. In order to trade you need a heavy or better. If you use medium or light normals you’ll lose. You’ll only win if you hit the out of startup.

As for lower body invincibility or in general. Well that’s the thing…kinda how they wanted to do things.

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