Riptor's color 10

I hope Riptor’s color 10 will look kinda like this:

(Evolve Maggie/Daisy Night Hunter Skin)


It looks really cool.

Glad you like it

It fits the Green smoke theme.

yes it does

Someone else loves evolve??? PRAISE BE!!!

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Does anyone else have an idea how Riptor’s color 10 could look like ?

Definitely black like the picture that you post, then her claws, tail, etc could change from green to another color.I believe red could look cool in her claws.

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Give me Toothless Dragon Color pls.

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Hmmmm… How about Lost World:Jurassic Park style tiger pattern? :kissing:


Doesn’t her color 9 already kinda look like this ?
Only much more reddish.

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It’s pretty close, but I think the more natural color palette would be pretty swell. Besides, if they’re going to use another color as a base, I think Color 9 would be an awesome choice to base the reskin off of.

I would love a tribute =3

Riptor’s colour 9 is pretty much that.


What would be cool is a skeletal riptor, kind of like in the game war of the monsters with the one dragon character.

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It has stripes, but Talon’s is different

I DEFINITELY want the Night Hunter Maggie/Daisy skin from Evolve.

Instead of the blue hexagons on her legs/thighs, she could have it green, and the electricity could be yellow.


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Yea thats color 9 with the white feathers.

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