Riptor Ultra Rework

You guys gotta bring back Riptors classic Ultra! I wanna see her Stand on her tail and just rip the enemy up with her back claws. And fix her ground shadow tail flip it loses to EVERY LOW ATTACK!

Shadow tail flip has no low invulnerability and is supposed to get beaten by lows. There’s nothing to fix because it is working as intended.


I loved that ultra. I agree they really do need to bring it back.


i like her ultra. Can you describe how could it being improved?

Ya mean the bycicle kick? I admit that was funny as hell. But I don’t see that coming back.

Her shadow tailflip is expect to if you fall on your back. You should us it from the air for a good cross up or when the enemy isn’t gonna block it : p

Riptor has alot of recovery on her moves, so you can’t just do them (specifically the heavy versions) willynilly unless ya open them up.

Considering all the Ultras are just rapid punches and kicks so I don’t quite see how to be honest. My brother though sure knows how to make the most of it. -often gets hit with 130+ hit Ultras- : /

The way her SHadow Tail Flip looks I expected it to counter low hits like an anti-Air from Jago,Fulgore,Cinder, and Orchid. That’s pretty much it. lol And that Bycicle kick the reason I always wanted to ultra my friends lol. Now when she Ultras she just combos and it doesn’t look cool… Until she does that Tail grab which is COOL! But she can’t do that attack normally and that upsets me :C

Actually Shadow-TailFlip IS an Anti-Air so it makes it’d be vulnerable to low. I preferably like to use it as an anti-air.

Well that’s what Ultras are always like in general: just rapid punches in kicks. I prefer Ultimates personally. : >