Riptor S3 Matchup Chart

I disagree with Ra, Sako, TJ, Shago

for better or worse in which matchups?

Kanny-RA - I can agree it might not be that bad, but i base that on my experience, and i still dont have that much exp vs him

Hisako - we dont have a reversal in that matchup, Survival HK gets stuffed by everything and shadow girl just gets parried canceled. Yes we have normals she can parry, but her shadow ORZ goes through that. we HAVE to make everything a HKD, into flame carpet, which leaves a lot of dmg to be desired.

TJ - we can destroy his reversals, if we get the momentum, him he has to respect if we have meter. he has things he can do in neutral that we have to guess, as do we, though it may not be as safe.

Shago - if he decides to be lame, its annoying, air fireball, fireball, slide/surge slide,nothing to gives us the guess if we try to predator under, and we CANT punish F+HK overhead, so blocking that is 50/50 DP or not situation

thats my reasoning for the numbers for them

You’re giving the counters too much credit honestly. And Shadow ORZ requires meter.

That or you ask Ig to make the counters not able to start combos. So they work like kims.

Im not trying to give the parries that much credit, theyre just one of the main factors in the matchup, as her defensive options are just THAT bit stronger than ours, we have to think more on her wakeup, than she does with ours. we have Survival HK at times, but thats easy to stuff with some of her normals. Not to mention her instinct being a huge problem if she does get a hit.

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I think Ra is 5-5, It’s not at all as bad as it used to be. Sako i think its 4.5-5.5 or just 5-5. Just gotta be more patient and think smarter with her than anyone else in the cast. TJ I think its 5.5-4.5 because tail stuffs any approach he has, yet the match does turn into who can but who in the corner first. Shago I think its 6-4. Never lost to a shago before and I think Flame mortor is op to his mixups.

These are my thoughts.

With the Riptor vs. Sadira match up, I find that it really comes down to who can take control of the match. If Sadira can get over Riptor’s head, she has a very hard time keeping her off of her. On the flipside, if Riptor can get Sadira in a corner, the match is pretty much over with. Sadira + Riptor + Corner = Dead Sadira.


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Any tips vs Tusk? What should I do against his pokes? What about his jumping MP and avoiding his deflect?. I don’t know where to start because when he jumps I panic a little.
I studied the MU with Wulf but is still is kind of annoying. Honestly if you could guide me a little more on this mu using the dinogirl I would appreciate it =)

HP is your best button. It stuffs all deflect moves. If Tusk Jumps at you, you can just do normal clever girl and AA him. You want to stay mid range vs him and make him fall into motors and carpet traps.


Thanks! this will help. Yesterday I discover the clever girl move vs the jumping mp Tusk does. Also back forward HP is cool but tricky to use (at least for me, I need more practice). Not knowing how to stuff Tusk things just made me lose a key match. Now I’ll have to work on this to get better.