Riptor Players: An appeal for help with the Killer Instinct Community Guide

This post will circulate around all the character threads, so if you see multiple similar posts there is a deliberate reason for it.

To all Riptor players,

For those who don’t know I am currently working, in conjunction with the rest of the community, on building what I hope to be the most accessible and comprehensive guide to Killer Instinct for players with a visual impairment (and of course, anyone else who wants to read it). I know there’s @Infilament’s guide, but there are (as of the time of this post), still issues present when reading the guide with assistive technology like screen readers, along with things that I feel would be of interest to players with absolutely no sight like myself (e.g. Character descriptions, an easy to access list of frame data, etc).

That’s where you come in. At the start of the process for building the guide I tried to get players to start providing me with information on all the characters, but thus far I only have one character’s move list even partially filled out, with no description, tips/notes, etc (and I’m not trying to disrespect the author of that part of the guide, who has done a great job so far and should have the rest of the list for that character completed soon as far as I’m aware). I wanted to put out this call for help so I can flesh out my guide to a greater extent - I know I’m awaiting the Dojo lessons from @ziarist (which me and him have discussed already).

In terms of characters though, if you can follow the example in the Fulgore move list for information where possible, that’d be great - I will format things myself but as long as things are coherently listed that’d make things so much easier for me.

My intention is to get as much information put into the guide by the beginning of S3 as possible if only to make the updating process as characters launch that much simpler.

I really appreciate any contributions - you don’t have to just work on characters, but the sections in the guide should give you some idea as to what I’m looking to achieve at the end (minus things like in-depth mechanics like Counterbreakers, Shadowcounters, etc which I might put into their own sections as well as being included in the Dojo Lessons).

You can find the testing version of the guide here:
The Killer Instinct Community Guide (Testing version)

If you have any questions, ask them here, or feel free to PM me and I’ll respond when I can.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Acrtually posted this in wrong thread but i’ll leawve this here as well
Here is how you play riptir. Yes you have your c.hp>tail flip shinanegans, but riptor is reset city. Keep in mind that all of your normals are predatoe cancellable. Also keep in mind that her second flame hit is only cancellable if it is the standing version.
As noted earlier, her is +7 on hit.You can manual this mis combo and link it into itself, or other medium attacks. Thats not the interesting part. You can putposely drop the combo at any point, preferably on moves such as that very plus on hit.
From there you can frame trap into frame trap into and eventual mix up. After the you would then Lp or lk ect. >headbut or clever girl mixup. Against most players, they’ll just start hitting buttons and just hope. Full health bar gone with a single cash out ender.
It is hilarious to watch you opponent try to combo break and find himself burning meter on accidental shadow counters, throws, instinct, mashed reversals, ect.
Also, her flame attacks were nerfed so far to hell that they are minus even on hit. You must cancel them.
Clever girl ender>lp>clever girl/headbutt (light version i believe) will land you on the opposite side od the opponent.
You can runback tail into runback tail, shadow tail flip, clever girl ect.
Riptor is also a great grappler? Mix up her frame traps with throws. Her is an ezpz amazing punish, button check, and tripguard.
You can tilt your opponent easily with riptor without so much of mention of a tail flip. He pressure can be as sage or unsafe as you want it.
Remember to block after combo drops when you opponent starts churning butter for reversals.
You can do a full combo with just lol
Bear in mind when doing clever girl juggles that the majority of the li community will try to break the juggle the first time they see it, even id you just played 10 matches and never saw you juggle once.
Most of this stuff is less riptor tech and more anti-KI tech. Most who play just hit buttons and hope.
Make sure your meaties are on point. Keep and eye out for wake up jumps out of your flam carpets. Off of throw, flame catpet is not very good. Most characters can hit you just in time to reversal and get hit themselves, they will still be at advantage though.
Off of a tail flip ender, you can delay and pressure after a glame carpet and just wait in case of reversal if they are not jumping. Its essentially an OS. Feels good man. Riptor is bae.
Dont ever let of pressure, learn the spacing for riptors buttons, they are counterhit city. Her cr. Mk and are especially useful because they push riptor forward.
You can tripguard into full combo from her s. Hk
You can delay her flame attacks to tilt your opponent. For some reason, her 3rd hit from flame hits behind her. Lol
Hope thats enough tech for you guys lol

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I could try and work this information into the tips/notes section. Interesting perspective on how to work with the character.

I put it in the write up I made. It’s full of excellent advice!

Sounds good boys

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the information that’s been sent will begin implementation soon, I hope.