Riptor Multi Ultras

I believe I’ve asked this question before, and the instruction I got didn’t really work. How do I perform multiple ultras with Riptor? I’ve noticed on YouTube that people that do multi ultras with almost every other character pop instinct to land the 2nd ultra and then just use shadow combos to run out their meter and trigger other ultras. But I’ve popped instinct after ultra and nothing happens. I’ve also used shadow combos after ultra and still nothing, even though my shadow combo went right through the dead guys gut, and nothing. Why didnt I land the recapture?

recaptures are no longer safe like it was back at season 2. Riptor can triple ultra thats for sure. After Riptor finish her ultra, as soon as she launches the victim into the air do her shadow flip and then use one more shadow move to land it safe. You can also lock this recapture with her flame breath by keep hiting HP.
Then proceed to the second ultra and if your instinct bar are full pop it to do one last ultra.

Thank you. This is a huge help. I’ll give it a try.

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I can only recapture once with Riptor, and that’s by ultra combo in the corner, and then activating Shadow Tail Flip.

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If you don’t hit the enemy too much you should wait until the enemy is knocked witgh the last hit. Jump and activate shadow tail-flip in mid air to capture.

However this works only if you haven’t gotte the KV filled to much.

On a good execution my brother can get above 130 hits or so.