Riptor Ideas for the sequel

Okay lets have a fun topic if we get a sequel. For Riptor we can discuss some ideas. I have some personal ones but I want to hear you folks first.


I love the way Riptor is now, a cybernetic raptor. But I would not be opposed to going back to the original concept of her being a experimental creation, a combination of a snake, lizard, and dinosaur. Ultratech using different reptilian genes to create her but her look being dominantly a raptor still. It’d lead to some cool moves I believe


I think thats cool. Perhaps it can be the alternate costume. I too welcome the new design of Riptor as well. I’d like for them to expand on the Wyvern X story in the lore.

It would be nice to see different types of Riptors like with Lizardman from SC.

Go back to being a reptile-human hybrid.

Give it snake/cobra, iguana/frilled-neck lizard vibes to make a special type of dinosaur/raptor.

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that’d be neat,