Riptor Flip stance bug

Dunno if yall knew about this, but its a funny little thing to have and watch out for.

Doesnt really do much to most characters, but Aganos mann

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Hmmmm that stance bug could be nice for a few…things. That I won’t mention.

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ohhh I got a video Im editing right on that niiice round subject. :stuck_out_tongue:
also theres a serious issue there too I need to show.

Oh yeah? Is that so eh?


I knew my perv sense tingled when I clicked this thread.

all I did, I did in the name of SCIENCE,


Of course, that is the name of the game.

Not bad for an annoying “spider” lady > w > lol.

I hope they don’t patch it out too soon, it’s pretty funny as heck.

Doesn’t work with Wulf , I was curious about how he would look like this. Oh! Did you tried using the grenadier with Orchid un hermoso switched stance? Lol

Edit: got ir! It’s so fun

yeah i got it on wulf. Orchid’s effects are funny, Grenade flying the wrong way is the best

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That Rash as$ though with the dance.


It makes me wonder if they’d try to implement that. Looks pretty neat on some characters.

Back in early season 2 hisako had a very similar bug to this one .


Some stances, lol. I had fun with this XD

Gargos: Minions "I’m out of here!"
Orchid’s and Arbiter nades: "Oop"
Riptor’s flames: lol
Raam: can’t perform his normal QCB+K unless shadow?
Wulf: funny the way he crouches and howls.
TJ: his back forward lp :joy:


Lots of booty in there I see. Sadira with those hips swinging. Rash with butt thrusts, minions ditching gargos, orchid and arbiter tossing away their grenades.

I should of noted that Cinders bombs go the wrong way too

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I’ve always thought Sadira had a funny way to walk and with this bug is hilarious. Rash is a little perv ? Or he just enjoys reaggeton dancing style too? You know what they say about tastes XD

Gargos minions rebelion is the best.

Dem hips girl, dem hips. Sadira may be a cold blooded killer, BUT even probably wants some lovin’ from time to time. gotta work on walk.

Rash…just loves his thrusts.

Minions are on strike, tired of being thrown, eaten, spinning, jumping. they just want some vacation time.

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