Riptor backstory & story in season 3

Riptor’s story only explained how she was made with the stalkers, but will they explain more and their involvement in season 3?

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Not sure about that either, but the question is will season 3 have evry one in S1, 2, and 3 be playable in this story.

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Perhaps Riptor will be taking a big roll in the fight against Gargos from Aria’s team? who knows. Honestly I think the S2 won’t have much of a season3 story really all things considered. but hey one can only imagine.

I do feel like that it’s only here on the forums will we see what happens as opposed to a character storyline in the games. Tis only one possibility though

What about her backstory?

  • Who was in charge of Project Stalker?
  • What was the inspiration found in creating Riptor’s race?
  • Are dinosaur fossils involved?
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Anyone have thoughts?

Riptor race escaped and found an area in South America that was perfect for a pack of raptors to live and thrive. Deep in the Amazon a new race of top predators has established it’s self.

If KIS2 generation of Riptors are cybernetic, then how are they maintained, how do they reproduce?

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I’m goanna assume all Riptors are female.