Riptor 3.4 patch Run Issue

this is mainly an FYI if anyone has had an issue with running under people after this latest patch.

Riptors run will cancel itself if you run under someone, because of the way inputs are taken after switching sides.

if you run with FWD FWD, your run will cancel after you get under.
however if you run with FWD, DWN/FWD. youll stay running.

This might actually be a cool thing cause the fact you can cancel the recovery with low attack, so idunno there may be something there. some weird criss-cross up.

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Does anyone know if this is intentional? Because that reverse animation cancels the attack input, it almost always results in a punish if intentionally trying to run under someone for the tail hit. If this is a bug, can we move it to the bug reporting thread?

Its definitely not intentional just something that’s come up due to the system change. Ive put it in the bug thread as well just posted here for spreading knowledge. Its just best to run with FWD FWD DF.

I’d rather they just revert this system change. Too many problems came with it.