Rift support?

Please consider adding rift support for PC

Thank you

umm…honestly…why in the world we you use an oculus ruft for this…you hardly gain anything for it in a fighting game

Why would you not?


well…i just don’t see how it adds to the game…i dupose they could…but…i just don’t see a reason…i mean…hololens support would be legit …have Ki on your table lol…that would be awesome…but oculus rift?.idk

It wouldn’t take anything away though, I’m still waiting for 3D support, and the supposed dx12 update.

I’ve used the oculus and it could work, maybe it’s not for you, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken off the table

If nothing else…Imagine playing KI on an Imax screen…at the very least that’s how virtual reality can enhance non-native content. Plus…you know…3d…

but hololens…=holograms
Way better lol…just saying.in my opinion

Idk if better but it would be sick. The oculus is really cool I don’t want to hype it up like crazy.

To much lag time

Maybe not if they optimized it for use with VR…

Hey. Hate to revive this but I see an idea with holo lens. What if you have the holograms of the cbaracters and not the stage. Your room is the stage:scream: