Rewards are terrible

Is it just me or does anyone else think 56-80 gems for a Hard Omen fight on Challenging is absolutely horrible… I understand that the makers of KI need to make money somehow but by making the rewards so low, It took me almost a week of 2-3 hrs daily to get enough gems to buy 1 killer pack.

I do like the game and have all characters which I paid for but then to have such low rewards to them acquire all the guardians kind of “tests people,s patience” due to the lack of Gem rewards.

I challenge anyone to go from 0 Gems to 15,000 within 3 hours of playing it, Or if there is some secret trick to increase chances of getting a Skeleton Chest each time.

The only time I,ve seen some nice rewards is like “here beat 3 characters on Challenging and you can only choose 1 character with 1 guardian and 1 consumable” which is highly unlikely for me due to the fact that I am no pro KI player just a casual.

What are your thoughts?? Gem rewards are plentiful or terrible??


Just do the 3 daily challenges and the 6 or so challenges in Shadow lords… you should have plenty of gems with those plus play through gems.

Ive never had an issue buying anything… but i also wasnt trying to buy everything is 1-2 days

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I never had an issue with that when I beat Omen I usually get 200 and 300 gems.

Gem rewards increase not only from fight difficulties (Hard - Impossible) but from story difficulties as well (Normal - Godlike). It is rather easy to get 17,000 in under an hour if you are doing heavy farming with a killer snake guardian. Make sure to go though matches as quickly as possible as less time finishing a match means more time to do other missions as well. Also certain story missions offer great gem rewards but have the difficulty to boot. (Sadira’s Workers Comp, AIRA’s Creation, An Ultratech Leak, The Cult of Gargos)

If anything, using your main makes these matches faster which in turn earns you more money. It is only a matter of practice that is all.


Increasing the difficulty if the run also increases the likelihood of finding a higher difficulty mission, so even more cash gains!