Returning Characters for a hypothetical new KI

I only put her on the list because she’s KI’s OG female poster child, but I understand your point. Her story never really went anywhere in KI (2013) she was just there. Even Glacius is doing a better job at flushing out Ultratech. lol

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In the grand scheme of things I can see the following characters coming back:

Resistance fighters against Ultratech:
Jago, Orchid, Glacius, Thunder, Eagle, Kim Wu, Maya, TJ Combo

Ultratech fighters:
Fulgore (new model), Cinder, Riptor, ARIA, Kilgore (upgraded or new model)

I only see certain characters like Tusk and Hisako coming back if the story involves another threat from the Astral Plane, and in the case of Shin Hisako I could see a retcon where she does still become her true self, but her father Tatsunari is chosen to become a new Gatekeeper and he uses the katana to guard the Astral Plane alongside his daughter (basically Hisako keeps her old playstyle while her father gets the Shin Hisako gameplay).

Mira I only see coming back if the Vampire Coven becomes part of the story, which would include the Tsar, Wendigos, and whatever other minions they have. Sabrewulf could be a part of this storyline, as his mansion has many relics the Coven would want for themselves which in turn drags Sabrewulf into the conflict. Spinal probably would be tricked into working with the vampires in exchange for some great power, but other than that I don’t see him coming back otherwise.

The rest I don’t see returning at all, many of them I felt had their whole stories in this game, and I don’t see any reason for them to come back without their inclusion feeling forced (they could do a non-canon appearance, but that’s a different story altogether).

Story reasons have nothing to do if a character will return or not as the story in almost all fighting games is an afterthought.

Sadira would return because she is the first original character since the original games release. She also has a unique play style of which is also important in any fighting game.

The only characters I see definitely not returning are guest characters. A. No baring on KI lore. B. Makes room for new guest characters.

Another set of characters possibly not returning is Remix characters. Most of their moves could be absorbed into new versions of their original characters.

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If a new KI were made, I wouldn’t expect Aganos to return but I’d love to be wrong. He still has some untapped character potential in my opinion.

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While that is true, with the way KI is going right now I would think they’re continuing the story with characters the devs would want to continue to explore moving into a sequel.

…not that Sadira would need much of a reason to be thrown back in, considering she’s always been an assassin for hire. All that would need to happen is the Coven or some other group throw a big bag of cash her way and she’d be right back in the fight.

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Aria will be replaced with Aria 2.0. (different look & play style, same name)

Kilgore be more redesigned to look more unique.

Sadira seems pretty done for now

Kan-Ra is simply the type of character that’s bound to be killed off.

(Shin)Hisako is done plot wise but I fully expect her to return anyway, wielding both weapons.

Shago and Omen is obviously out

I think one of the guest will return and the others will be replaced (with Scorpion and Joanna Dark)

What would be the point in returning a guest to another installment? I don’t believe they are part of the worlds canon (or am I wrong?)

Honestly I would love for them to just add the Battletoads to the KI universe.

…they did it for Sabrewulf in the first one…

It’d be awesome if they made them a MvC-like tag team.


What’s the point in pulling out a character that people would throw money at, especially if that character is owned in house. Which is Arbiter

I would personally want the Battletoads to be a part of KI’s universe and vice versa. I’d like to see Rash and or the other toads on the roster of course.

But as far as characters go Arbiter is up there.

Hmm. I stand corrected

First of all if it isn’t unreal 4…

Kim Wu is a given. I think she’s proven to be the winner in her trope .
I imagine if she comes back with a sleek vibe that mixes taki from Soul Calibur & a hint of Elektra

Any of the Rylai could be a new character, Sadira doesn’t have to be the only character I’d see them the same as the cammy regime the Dolls

I’d expect Jago fulgore but what about another of Glacius species or another member of The Night Guard instead of just Maya

What if someone actually proposed a MVC mash of Microsoft eligible characters or a killer instinct vs whatever


initially, I was happy that KI returned, and I was waiting for a very long time for Tusk and Kim’s return. So, I hope if it comes to a new KI, classic characters like Orchid return from the start. I haven’t played or spent money on SFV in a while due to some classic characters not being in, so this time I am happy to speak with my wallet again if it is going to take 15+ months (again) for a character like Orchid to (maybe) come back.


Why do people think Sadira isn’t returning? She’s probably one of the, if not the most popular new character.

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As the character that got me into fighting games, I hope Sadira returns in a potential sequel to the game.

Honestly, I would hate to see any of the KI cast get cut.


me too. I honestly expect everyone to return imo.

Everyone would, but we don’t want to have the same game just with new graphics. Need more variety then just some added moves.

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hey I mean, it worked with Injustice for the most time. but I wouldn’t be surprised if they added some refreshing new mechanic, like what happened from MK2011 to MKX

I don’t know about THE most popular newcomer.


yeah you’re right. I’d say those are the top 3