Retro Spirit Concept Art (Help!?)

Alright, I’m by no means an artist and I used some help from @oDragonSpirit getting the clothing down to what I described, but it doesn’t seem like it is there yet.

My concept design is of myself as the Tiger Spirit resembling a warrior monk (basically Jago) in a 80’s theme fashion. Hence the name, Retro Spirit.

The idea started from listening to Eyedol’s theme, but something more particular in his theme. That is the 80’s retro sound. I started looking for music from the Blood Dragon ost and my biggest inspiration, Kung Fury.

Leather, vibrant color, ripped jeans, the works! But, I don’t want it to copy Kung Fury. Rather, I want it to reflect both the Warrior Monk and the Retro era of the 80s.

So I was wondering if I could get some ideas, suggestions or anything that comes to mind to help me add/change things to fit the retro theme. Anything helps!

Edit: Calling out artist I know from memory, @Crainiak24, @RTA07 and @Ravan86


I’m not too sure what more would help without going overboard. If I could see this with some color that would give me a better idea though. But I think it looks pretty much spot on with what your going for.

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It looks cool, like an odd fusion of classic KI1 Jago with 2013’s. The retro 80s aesthetic definitely works, especially in terms of the ripped jeans of the former, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this in color, maybe different color variations to this.