Retro Skins from first KI

Other than characters who only appeared in KI 1994 and not KI2, and with the exception of Orchids retro skin, I would love to see retro skins from the first game and a KI2 retro skin for Orchid. Who cares if her butt is showing, Sadiras butt shows. Too bad Thunders retro skin looks nothing like the original.

Also, do all the females in KI2 have the same face? Were they modeled after Janet Jackson?

They’ve said many times that we’ll never get KI2 Orchid or true KI1 Thunder, sadly. We’ve just come to accept it, also yes their faces were. :stuck_out_tongue:


if she looks like that for sure ive been main her. sexy body hansome babydol face etc… :heart_eyes:

Honestly, by this point I would really like people to stop worrying too much about retro costumes. I’ve seen these kind of complaints by some of our nasty members who’ve argued about it for almost about 3 years in the KI forums, and I think this outta be put to rest, and not dragged on any further.

I mean, I get it its all about nostalgia, and wanting to be reminded of all the good times everyone had with the pervious KI (hell KI Gold is actually my first video game I’ve ever played), but please remember that we’re not in the 90’s anymore, those costumes aren’t that relevant other than being nostalgic to play with.

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I just thought of this not a complaint but just something I thought about how come for thunders retro he doesn’t look a bit younger like in the original ki like how orchid looks a bit different. He look just as old as his current self. Just a thought