Retro/old fighting games

Timestalkers (a Dreamcast title) was one of the “few” sequels made but trust me, there hasn’t been a real sequel to Landstalker.

Picked up lost odyssey and blue dragon for a couple of pounds today. Also got the new blazblue to try out. The art style is amazing

Man that game had such potential too.

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Morphix and demonica were mine. though I’ve had little memory of playing the game at the time. Since it was only Rented

Weaponlord was an absolute gem along with PR. “Perfect Soldiers” aka “Superior Soldiers”, “Dark Edge”, and “Rise of Robots” are some titles that I wouldn’t mind seeing brought back, if not reworked into something better.

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It has been some years.

King of the Monsters

and of course

You know, we don’t have alot of Kaiju based fighting games. I’d love that.

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Same here. Also, don’t forget about this beauty of a game.

Togera is my boy, and I’d love to see him come back again.

Oh yeah, it was a very unique game for its kind. I was a Togera guy myself.

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Out of curiosity, have you heard about some of the scrapped content and monsters? I remember one of them was a two-headed cyclops/ogre like Eyedol.