Retro costumes on season 3 combo breaker pack

I dont really know a lot about combo breaker pack since i bought both ultras for previous seasons, considering that i wont expend another 40 for a game ive already spent kinda too much… what do i lose if i purchase the combo breaker pack?

I would like to know for example… do i get the retro appearance for the characters at all? I assume i wont get premium accessories, the ki gold and the xp boost

I believe you’ll only get the characters and stages. I think retros and premium accessories are bought with Ultra edition/KI gold.

Retro costumes and premium accessories need to be purchased separately if you buy the Combo Breaker edition of a season instead of the Ultra Edition. Combo Breaker pack owners also get non-launch, newly released characters a week later than Ultra pack owners do.

With Season 3, I think the KI Gold, additional Season 3 Retro colors, and XP Boost to the list.

Generally, all game modes are accessible even if you have simply downloaded the free version, so any changes to Ranked, Story, Shadow Lab, or new modes should be accessible at the same time no matter which version you own.

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They should add retro costumes in the combo breaker pack to compensate the lack of stages, or a lower price.

This would really be a really nice way to demonstrate that they care about theor loyal costumers

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$20 is pretty reasonable for a full season of 8 characters.

Retro costumes are part of the Ultra bundle; to make them also part of the Combo Breaker bundle would decrease the value of the Ultra bundle.

The debate about a “lack of” or “less” Stages for Season 3 has been done to death ever since the lighting update blog post, and I don’t really think we need to start that argument up here.

Curiosity sake how much are individual costumes?

I bought both (all three, now) Ultra editions, so I don’t know, to be honest.

Yeah same minus the ultra for season 3. Depending on the cost for the costumes. I might just purchase S3 Ultra and be done with it.