Retro Costume Idea/Community Fund for Shadow Jago

As the title suggests, I think it would be cool if we were to get a retro costume for Shadow Jago since he has no accessories. This could be within the realm of “exclusivity” that encompasses this character if the purchase of this was used towards a second community fund. Here is my idea for the costume and some accessories:


Hell yeah we need that retro costume, especially that Raziel set. The omen set was something I hoped default Shadow Jago would get.


Same here. I think this would be a good idea and if not, hopefully the modders use this for inspiration for the pc release.

I love that Omen set.

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Shago looks great as he is now.

How bout a community fund for new or fixed S1 retros instead.

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I’d be totally in for this. To fix the crappy retros from (mostly) season 1 characters.


I don’t think we need a fund, just sell a modified version of Jago’s retro themed for him. He’s obviously a popular enough character to get the sales, what with the limited edition figure coming out and all.

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I didn’t quite realize it but is that Banana Ken dressed as Shago in the first two pics? Or can someone tell me what those two things are besides his forehead? …his hair?

Isn’t it crazy that we end up begging for stuff that would be expected as part of the game?


The irony of it all. I’m sure they’re aware of this.

Well that’s actually how his hair is in the rendering. I didn’t tamper with it.

Oh my ultratech… This Shadow Jago’s retro is very amazing! Why not IG make this?

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Thank you. I’m wondering the same thing since he is a fully realized character. Obviously they’d have to charge us for this just as they did for the other characters retros but I’m sure they already know we’d pay for it since they thought itd be a good idea to tie color 10 to the purchase of a figure.

That and Shadow Jago just needs more accessories in general, since he’s the only one in the cast who has no customization.

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I love that Raziel armor set you did. What about Darksiders 2?

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And god, I would love a real Ninja in this game, something like Ryu Hayabusa.